41 Trips Around the Sun!

I turned 41 few days ago and a part of me is so grateful to be at this stage in my life and another part of me chuckled because I still feel like a kid in a middle-aged woman’s body 😉.

It may seem so odd, but I’ve always looked forward to my 40s, perhaps subconsciously because I knew my 30s would relentlessly break me down to become who I am today.

For the first time in my life I am grounded in who I am, embracing all aspects of my existence, and no longer live my life in accordance to societal expectations.

I trust my intuition more than ever, exercise discernment with people, places, and circumstances to ensure alignment, and establish clear boundaries to ensure proper balance in relationships are achieved.

I no longer fear the unknown, and understand that my existence extends beyond this physical world.

I no longer attach my worth to the title I hold, how much money I make, the house I live in, or the car I drive.

Instead, I understand that no one is above or below me, and every decision I make is in balance with the “I” and the “We”.

Anyone that has been unexpectedly thrusted into this life with the spirit world will understand that they will keep you humble, yet ensure you have the courage to stand up for yourself and others fearlessly.

I am still a work-in-progress. But I’m so proud of who I am today, and the steps I take every day to honor myself the way I deserve to be, so I can honor those I’m meant to work with fully.

40s for me is the beginning of living authentically, courageously, and fully trusting that everything works out exactly as they should. And I’m so thankful for the freedom this chapter in my life is bringing me.

Cheers to freedom 🥂!


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