What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a powerful standalone modality as well as a complementary modality to energy healing and/or talk therapy services you may be exploring on your healing journey.  It's a great tool to consider after substantial healing work has been done on a conscious and spiritual level.  What often happens during this stage is a "tug-of-war" between what your conscious mind now knows to be "true" vs. your subconscious programming keeping you stuck in your old behavioral patterns and automatic responses despite your best efforts. It's an incredibly frustrating experience!  This is because your subconscious mind's programming or "life script" is based on your past experiences, traumas, and belief systems (your "knowns") and not the new conscious stories you're trying to create based on your healing and inner work.

Based on my experience, hypnosis holds the key in helping you transition from the "healing" phase to the "thriving" phase of your journey by aligning your conscious and subconscious minds towards your desired goals and outcomes. Hypnosis is a great standalone modality for numerous applications, but it shouldn't be used as means of bypassing your healing work. You want to remain in the driver's seat of your healing journey, and your conscious awareness should instruct your subconscious mind in how you want your life script to evolve as you continue to heal and grow.  To fully release the old and reprogram to the new- it's incredibly freeing

The best analogy the spirit world taught me was this:  Think of yourself as a renowned software programmer.  You recently bought a brand new computer and are excited to take advantage of all the bells and whistles this new hardware is capable of.  But to your dismay, it still has a 10-year-old software which doesn't allow you to access any of the latest capabilities.  The great news is, you have the knowledge and experience to install or "reprogram" the software to the exact specifications you need and desire!  This is the power of hypnosis and you as a conscious creator of your life's journey and stories. 

Admittedly I didn't fully appreciate how integral hypnosis could be on my path as a energy medicine practitioner when I first felt drawn to hypnosis.  Now, I am a huge believer and advocate in its ability to catapult us on our respective journeys.  Read on to learn more.

So What Exactly is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an overload mechanism that allows you to enter into a natural trance state, a more receptive state to enter into our subconscious mind.   It is a natural, everyday trance state we all go into. For example, we’re in hypnosis roughly about half an hour before we go to sleep.  And we’re in hypnosis shortly after we wake up.  So in that example, hypnosis is the transition between wake and sleep and sleep and waking.  This is why being mindful of what you consume/watch before bed and first thing in the morning is critical!

The Conscious Mind makes up 12% of our total mind power.  The Subconscious Mind where our associations are stored? 88%!!  

Why does this matter?  What we have is a situation where 12% of your mind wants to move into a particular direction, but in the subconscious mind, 88% of it is pulling you in the opposite direction based on how it’s been conditioned through your life experiences and scripts.

Therefore, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are very powerful and natural tools to tap into your own subconscious mind to achieve a wide array of issues, conditions, habits, and desires.  

Sample Applications of Hypnosis

* Alignment / Law of Attraction / Quantum Hypnosis * Money Mindset
* Anger Management * Motivation
* Anxiety * Past Life Regression
* Authenticity * Pessimism / Negative Thought Patterns
* Boundaries * Procrastination
* Codependency * Rumination
* Communication (verbal / written)
* Self-Confidence / Self-Esteem
* Creativity
* Self-Love / Self-Worth
* External Validation / People-Pleasing * Self-Sabotage
* Fears (failure, success, public speaking, etc) * Sleep Disorder/Insomnia
* Habit (establishing / eliminating) * Smoking Cessation*
* Inner Child Healing * Social Media (being seen / addiction)
* Life's Purpose * Time Management
* Limiting Beliefs * Transmuting Negative Energies
* Memory (recall / focus) * Weight Loss / Mindful Eating / Exercise*


* Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss requires 8-12 sessions for optimal results

 What to Expect

In our first session, we will be discussing your goals and what you would like to achieve, and will be performing a "Suggestibility" assessment.  This assessment will determine the type of hypnotic inductions and suggestions that are best aligned with how you process information to ensure proper hypnotic depth is achieved.  From there, we will proceed with the formal induction process, progressive relaxation, hypnotic suggestions, and a count-out to safely bring you out of hypnosis.  Subsequent sessions will build upon the initial induction and will help you get deeper into your subconscious mind, yielding stronger results.

Every hypnosis portion of the session will be recorded with your consent, and will be available for you to download & listen in between sessions for reinforcement.

Please note that you will be completely awake and aware of everything being said during the session, and may even become hyper aware of sounds around you.  This is completely normal and expected.

The number of sessions required varies, but most conditions require 2-4 sessions to achieve your desired results.  Please note that Weight loss and Smoking Cessation will require at least 8-12 sessions to achieve sustainable results. 


Certified Master Hypnotist, 300-hours of training and accredited diploma received from Hypnosis Motivation Institute and certified through American Hypnosis Association 

  • Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist
  • Certified Specialist in Smoking Cessation
  • Certified Specialist in Hypnosis & Weight Loss
  • Certified Specialist in Hypnosis for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
* Please note I've transitioned back to my maiden name (Segura) since issuance of my Diploma in Hypnotherapy.

    Specialized Hypnosis Certification Credentials and specialized certification for sleep, smoking cessation, weight loss, past life regression,