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...Through Anna's channeling and innate ability to connect with me spiritually, she helped me eliminate an old self-defeating and restrictive belief system and encouraged me in coming home to my true self... Anna's compassion, kind nature coupled with her powerful intuitive gifts have immensely created a positive shift in my overall being and life.  Anna, I am extremely thankful for you, your dedication, energy and healing practice. I HIGHLY recommend Anna and her services if you are seeking deep transformative healing!" Read more

Pratima Ranjan

...She has helped me find clarity and peace within myself, which has made profound shifts and changes in my life when I once felt there was no hope.  Each session we have together is delivered with genuine compassion and empathy for what is needed. Anna has also helped me bring light to creating a new story of love and harmony.  Read more

Khryzha G.

Anna is truly gifted with energy healing... She practices healing from a place of deep compassion and integrity. All the shamanic energy techniques she facilitated for me yielded wonderful shifts in mind, body, and spirit that enabled me to move forward in my life's journey.  Read more

O.S. Hernandez

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On my new YouTube channel, I'll be sharing more of my personal stories that led up to my path as a Shaman, lessons I've learned along the way, and the shifts in awareness that's helped me overcome the struggles of being... human.  I'll also be sharing messages from Spirit and the high frequency spirit realms, along with transmissions I feel guided to share with those open to receiving them.  We’re in this crazy journey called life, together. 

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Healing is empowering

Healing truly is a journey of understanding, letting go in an empowered state, and discovering your true essence- your authentic self.  Once discovered, your healed state of being will inspire you to take life to new heights with courage, a sense of peace, harmony, joy, and most importantly- gratitude.

In the meantime, be kind and compassionate with yourself and others, and remember to love and appreciate all aspects of you, exactly as you are.  

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