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Omg! Wow! Omg! No words. Speechless. It was strongly recommended that I search for a Shaman or Spiritual Healer during the time I was really going through it in the early spring part of the year. Every year in early spring, it was such a low point and dark point of my life. Until I have found Anna. I went on line and her website, look, everything, spoke to me. And what awaited for me when we started sessions was nothing short than cosmic. My life was totally transformed after working with Anna. I have never had sessions like that in all of my life other than my life coach who had suggested I seek 'Anna', and it says alot, because for the work I do, I needed someone of the highest calibre possible to deal and work with me. And Anna is it. You CANNOT go wrong at all in choosing and working with Anna. Her spirit, her heart, her dedication, her devotion, her life's work and purpose all shows. She has been truly a God send and totally amazing, and I definitely recommend her services to my clients whom I feel is ready for Anna in their stage of life. I loved that she offers pricing that is of fair value, to which, honestly, she is work 10-100x more than what she charges for the literal transformation you receive. So please, do yourself a favor of a lifetime, BOOK ANNA RIGHT NOW! Be blessed. Google Review

Sarah Renee L.

I have worked with a lot of healing professionals, from therapists to medicine men, and Anna is the real deal! I had been stuck in a rut, and unable to free myself from the heaviness I felt, so I decided to contact Anna for a remote session. From the moment we connected I felt safe, supported, and seen. All while being held impeccably in a space of non-judgement. Anna gave me direct intuitive guidance, which made me laugh because it was so accurate. She even helped me to release the heavy weight I was carrying on my chest. I still feel wonderful a week after our session, Anna has a real gift! From Google Review

Rami Abu-Sitta

Working with Anna was an incredible experience. She is a very gifted spiritual healer and made it very easy for me to connect to my own spiritual guides and energies. I had never consulted with a energy healer or shaman before but Anna made the experience very comfortable and made me feel very confident in her abilities. I am so grateful that I connected with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual healing/support. From Google Review

Autumn Anne

The moment I met her, I knew Ms. Anna had a rare and beautiful gift for healing. She earnestly cares about doing her best to help others as she tunes in to exactly what is going on with grace and lovingkindness. Never judgmental, she is very thorough in her work and employs the utmost integrity in all that she does. Her insight is uncanny, and her accuracy produces profound results. Ms. Anna has helped me tremendously, and I am so grateful to her for sharing her gifts so gently and compassionately. I am blessed to have her in my life as a healer, a kindred spirit, and as a friend. Read More


My experience with Anna exceeded my expectations. I found Anna after reading a few books on Shaman Energy Healing. She has an enveloping presence as well as strongly intuitive. Throughout my session I felt refreshed and relaxed, like a day spa treatment, but for the chakras!! Lol I am grateful to have shared this healing and transforming experience with Anna and will return in the future as I am guided. Thank you, Anna!! Read More

RG Stowe

...I have been blessed to know and work with Anna for almost a year now and I am beyond grateful to share this deep rooted connection... Specifically, she helped me heal my inner child through a soul retrieval session where an old contract was extinguished and provided encouragement in creating a new liberating self-loving contract.. Additionally, Anna has been there for me on numerous occasions where she guided me through cord cutting, extraction and energy clearing ceremonies... Anna has a natural aptitude for healing that is luminous, heart-centered, and truly life changing. Read more

Pratima Ranjan

Anna has the most amazing insights and knew intuitively what I needed. Anna connected with our Spirit Guides and knew exactly what healing energy to apply. She asked all the right questions and explained the process throughout the healing. After the healing journey, Anna also shared additional direction provided by our Spirit Guides so I could continue the healing journey. Thank you Anna! Read More


...She has helped me find clarity and peace within myself, which has made profound shifts and changes in my life when I once felt there was no hope.  Each session we have together is delivered with genuine compassion and empathy for what is needed. Anna has also helped me bring light to creating a new story of love and harmony.  Read more

Khryzha G.

Anna is truly gifted with energy healing... She practices healing from a place of deep compassion and integrity. All the shamanic energy techniques she facilitated for me yielded wonderful shifts in mind, body, and spirit that enabled me to move forward in my life's journey.  Read more

O.S. Hernandez

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Energy exchange for healing services is sacred, an important aspect of achieving energetic balance. For all individual 1:1 sessions, offer what feels in your heart to be a fair value of our energy exchange, aligned with your financial circumstances. Check out my blog post to learn my "why".

When you give with love, you receive what's worthy of your love.

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Love Notes

Healing is empowering

Healing truly is a journey of understanding, letting go in an empowered state, and discovering your true essence- your authentic self.  Once discovered, your healed state of being will inspire you to take life to new heights with courage, a sense of peace, harmony, joy, and most importantly- gratitude.

In the meantime, be kind and compassionate with yourself and others, and remember to love and appreciate all aspects of you, exactly as you are.  

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