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Ground with Me: Mini Reiki Healing (Root Chakra)
I will be delivering beautiful Reiki energy directly to your root chakra for approximately 5 minutes using guided relaxation and beautiful 🎶 meditation music 🎶 while transmitting this energy.
New Moon Fire Ceremony- Navigating Uncertainties | Release Overwhelm | Receive Clarity & Awareness
In this video, I wanted to tune into this month's Full Moon in Pisces energy.Powerful Energies around Navigating Uncertainties 👉🏼 Release Overwhelm & Need for Control 👉🏼 Receive Clarity & Awareness👉🏼 Take Inspired Action Towards Your Life’s Purpose If you're...
Healing Energies | Reduce Anxiety, Love Transmission & Reiki
This video captures the channeling of healing energies in sacred space to help you reduce anxiety, with extra emphasis on the heart chakra so those open to receiving transmissions of the love frequency can receive them in a sacred and compassionate space.