Description of Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Energy Clearing & Chakra Balancing (60-min)

  • Luminous Energy Field (LEF) Deep Cleansing Ceremony- This ceremony is intended to clear your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) of all dense energies at once, restoring balance to your energy body and removing any energies that no longer serve you. You'll experience a sense of lightness energetically and feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • Drum Healing Ceremony- Release dense / negative energies through drum sound healing. An alternate to the standard LEF Deep Cleansing Ceremony above to release, de-stress, and enter into deep relaxation through the powerful sound of shamanic drumming. Best for in-person sessions.
  • Harmony Ceremony- This ceremony restores the balance and harmony of your luminous energy field and can be repeated as needed. It is especially helpful after an extraction ceremony or a cord-cutting ceremony.
  • Resetting of Fight/Flight CeremonyThis ceremony is simple yet powerful, and perfect if you're experiencing anxiety or living in a constant fight/flight state-of-being. This ceremony resets your fight/flight response by balancing the chakras in a way that curtails the production of toxic stress hormones in the brain. You will feel safe, grounded, and supported in your day-to-day lives after the ceremony.

Imprint/Blockage Removal & Chakra Illumination (60-min)

  • Illumination Ceremony- This ceremony is all about energetic clearing of any imprints that are stored in your luminous energy field to release the toxic past stories, and receive healing energies from the spiritual realms to facilitate deep healing and empowerment. This ceremony can be repeated more than once, especially if you're working through multiple stories until all are healed and illuminated. You'll feel much lighter energetically, and may start to experience shifts and revelations regarding your past stories as you connect deeply into your heart-center and strengthen your connection with the Divine.

Extraction (90-min)

  • Extraction of Intrusive Energies & Entities + Illumination Ceremony: 

    This ceremony is about releasing intrusive energies and entities that may have attached itself to you in either crystalized or fluid forms. It can be an earthbound spirit like a deceased loved one that hasn't been able to cross over, or a dark force energy/entity. At the highest level, I refer to this ceremony as a "Release & Transition" ceremony. The goal is to release the energies/entities from your LEF, remove any affinities that may have attracted this energy/entity to you with an Illumination Ceremony, and perform a Transition Ceremony to ensure they are received by appropriate light beings from the other side so they can be transmuted and removed from our physical realm. Protection Ceremony is often included in this session as time permits. This ceremony is one of the core aspects of the shaman's work- it requires compassion, strength, and perception of beauty throughout the process, even when dealing with dark force entities. It requires a delicate balance so the energies/entities can be transmuted and transitioned by the end of the ceremony in love and light. A follow-up email will be sent with a recap of any messages or visions associated with the transition ceremony if not attending in person. Only offered in 90-minute "Extended" Session on an as-needed basis and includes multiple ceremonies as guided.

    Energetic / Spiritual Protection (60-min)

    • Bands of Power Protection Rite- Provides strong energetic protection against unwanted energy transfers and absorption. The energetics of the five bands are represented by the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Pure Light, and corresponds with five different colors and energetic frequencies. These bands are woven and integrated into your own Luminous Energy Field (LEF) to filter and transmute any unwanted energies, serving as a spiritual armor of self-empowerment that is aligned with your highest good. Daily spiritual hygiene and self care nurtures and strengthens these bands of power.

    Energetic Cord-Cutting (60-min):

    • Cord Cutting & Illumination Ceremony- This ceremony removes the energetic cords that bind two people in a way that is toxic. These energetic cords can have an overwhelming influence over your thoughts and emotions, affecting your ability to think clearly or objectively, affecting your quality of life and actions. These toxic cords can make you experience low self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance, and general feelings of being emotionally trapped by the relationship or individual. Cord-cutting is an important first step to healing the toxic effects of the relationship. An Illumination Ceremony will follow in the same session to remove any affinities that may have attracted this energetic cord and toxic relationship, and will be illuminated to refresh and restore your luminous energy field with love and light. Any curse energies observed will also be addressed as part of this session.

    Ancestral Healing (60-min):  

    • Are there repeating generational cycles in your family lineage? This ceremony is intended to track the ancestral wound that goes back multiple generations. Once the original wound is identified, this ceremony brings healing and acknowledgment for your ancestors, and helps you break the cycle for your generation and beyond.

    Soul Retrieval (120-min):

      • Soul Retrieval Ceremony- Returning Clients Only | Mutual Readiness Agreement Required-  Do you feel like there's a lost part of your soul and often feel like a part of you is missing? People often feel this way after a major life event. It's a defense mechanism to help you survive the experience. This ceremony is one that can only be performed after substantial healing progress has been made and should not be scheduled without mutual agreement. Soul retrieval ceremony must be adhered to the highest ethical standards and not performed prematurely as it can affect the integration of the returning soul part. It is also imperative to work with a shaman who has healed themselves prior to performing this ceremony for you. The ceremony begins by journeying to the realm of the collective unconscious to the chambers of your soul to gather your soul element, soul contract, gift(s), and power animal(s). Once all required elements are identified and permission granted for retrieval, those elements will be brought back energetically for reintegration with your luminous energy field (LEF) and energy body. This ceremony also involves what's known as a "sacred drama" to uncover the meaning behind the retrieved elements as well as a post-session exercise to empower you to continue exploring your path to wholeness as part of your reintegration process.
      Destiny Retrieval (60-min):
      • Destiny Retrieval Ceremony- Returning Clients Only | Mutual Readiness Agreement Required-  Destiny Retrieval is considered the last ceremony in terms of linear progression of your healing journey and is reserved for returning clients only. This ceremony is a simple, yet profound experience that energetically realigns your highest destiny path that you were born with and therefore "possible", but may not be "probable" because of choices and decisions that may have gotten you out of alignment. You may begin to experience synchronicities regarding opportunities, resources, and inspirations drawing you towards your highest "possible" and now "probable" destiny path at a pace tailored to your unique circumstances and divine timing.
      Death Rites
        • Shamanic Death Rites / End of Life Transition-  This ceremony is absolutely beautiful, and one of the most sacred ceremonies I offer to support the end of life process. It allows those that are about to transition from this life the opportunity to say what needs to be said, release what needs to be released, and take flight onto the spiritual realms. They are surrounded by deep love where it knows no fear, their loved ones- the living and the departed, as well as beings of love and light from the spiritual realms. The formal process progresses over three stages:
          • Recapitulation
          • 7-Chakra Illumination
          • Great Spiral & Flight
        Family members have the opportunity to participate in helping their love one take flight to the spiritual realms as the final step of the ceremony, which is an incredibly moving and healing experience for everyone involved. This is one service I never got to offer my dying father in his final moments, and the way he passed has been a tough experience for me to work through over the years. This service is also offering-based as a tribute to my father.  Please note that I can only offer this service to those local to where I live and am blessed enough with the opportunity to serve. Please contact me to discuss further if this is a service you are interested in receiving.
        • Surrogate Death Rites-  If you have a loved one who have already passed, but want an opportunity to connect and experience deep healing, this ceremony is for you. The surrogate is often a medium or the shaman, and in this case I will serve as both the shaman and the surrogate. The ceremony can be performed via distance or in-person, and can be accomplished in a 60-minute session. This ceremony involves the shaman's journey to the upper world to identify what level your loved one resides, and obtain necessary permissions to bring them back for healing. If your loved one is residing at a lower realm where this ceremony can serve them, they will be brought back to receive a 7-Chakra Illumination Ceremony and the Great Spiral to release them back into the spiritual realm, where they will be in a much lighter and healed state. This allows those that may be stuck in a realm, and facilitates their ability to allow move forward with their next soul's journey in the higher realms to be received for exploration. This ceremony is also an opportunity for both sides to express what needs to be said, and receive messages from the departed loved ones that may bring additional closure and healing.