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Shamanic Healing is an ancient, heart-centered form of holistic healing where the shaman connects with the high frequency spiritual realms and your energetic blueprint/soul to identify any dis-ease within your energy field.  The shaman acts as a conduit to facilitate ceremonies to release what no longer serves you, and to integrate the healing energies through your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) to help you heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

There are several shamanic traditions throughout the world, originating from ancient and indigenous cultures, and it coexists with any religious beliefs and practices.  Shamans believe all things in this world are alive, and works to be of service for the highest and greatest good of all.  All energies and spirits involved in the healing ceremonies are of the highest frequencies of love and light, and Shamans must abide by the highest ethical standards being enforced by the spiritual realms.

You'll experience deep healing and empowerment, gain new insights and perspectives around your old stories, and reconnect with your authentic self to create a new reality through a heart-centered state-of-being.  

Shamanic Healing is highly tailored to the presenting issue(s) and typically follows a progressive healing path.  Guidance will be provided regarding the best course of healing ceremonies and path that will help you progress expediently, and that this is a collaborative process requiring trust, open communication, and integrity.

Visit About Shamans page to learn more about Shamans and how to choose a Shaman that’s right for you.  

Ceremonies Offered

The listing below serves as available tools in my toolbox to illustrate how different types of ceremonies can be offered in different timeframes.  You'll receive different combination of ceremonies tailored to your unique needs to ensure the highest and greatest path towards your healing needs are honored in that point in time.  Click here to see detailed descriptions of ceremonies offered.

60-Minute "Standard" Sessions (~2 Ceremonies per Session) | Value: $125
- Resetting of Fight/Flight (Decoupling) Ceremony
- Bands of Power Protection Ceremony
- Imprint Removal + Illumination Ceremony
- Ancestral Healing Ceremoy
- Cord-Cutting & Illumination Ceremony
- Destiny Retrieval Ceremony (Returning clients only & readiness assessment required)
- Luminous Energy Field (LEF) Deep Cleansing Ceremony
- Harmony Ceremony
- Drum Healing Ceremony
- Surrogate Shamanic Death Rites

90-Minute "Extended" Sessions: | Value: $180
- Extraction & Transitioning of Intrusive Energies & Entities + Illumination Ceremony

120-Minute "Extended" Sessions: | Value: $250
- Soul Retrieval Ceremony (Returning clients only & readiness assessment required)

End of Life Support:
Shamanic Death Rites-  Considered one of the most beautiful and sacred ceremonies I offer, this service is also offered-based to local clients and their loved ones as a tribute to my late father.  Contact me if this is a service you would like to learn more about.

What to Expect

All ceremonies are performed in sacred space, and are driven by intentions, shamanic journeying, and ceremonial protocols based on your presenting issues. From your perspective, the experience is relaxing, uplifting, and beautiful, and gets to the root of the experience you wish to heal.  I'm simply facilitating the process, and am serving as a conduit to empower your respective spiritual journey.  Over time, you'll learn how to connect with your heart center for healing in an empowered and authentic state-of-being.  We were all born with the ability to heal ourselves, when we learn to work with energies, emotions, thoughts, and words that are aligned with love consciousness. The personal growth and revelations that you experience through shamanic healing is truly a remarkable and transformative experience.

All sessions start out with an initial or follow-up discussion where we’ll have an opportunity to connect in a safe and compassionate space to understand the focus areas.  From there, we’ll discuss ceremonial options that would work best to address the presenting issues.  The ceremony portion starts off with energetic cleansing and creation of sacred space, and ends with a discussion to deliver any messages that may have come through during ceremony. 

You'll walk away with aftercare instructions and support after each session, which over time will help you connect with your heart space and become more empowered with your own ability to heal. The overall experience is one of relaxation, lightness, love, and beauty.

post-session expectations

Healing isn't always linear, but you'll notice progressive improvement with deeper insights and revelations after each session. Open communication is encouraged to evaluate progress from a place of empowerment and collaboration.

Many clients prefer weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and other clients schedule sessions as they feel guided until their desired progress is achieved.  A lot goes on energetically after each session, and you will likely need the time in between sessions to process the shifts that are taking place physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I will never ask or pressure you to schedule your next session- it should be driven by you.

Additionally, while I'm always here to support you, I also don't want you to become dependent on anyone outside of yourself, including my services. I will guide you along the way to help you discern whether the additional session you're seeking is truly necessary. The ultimate goal in our relationship is to empower you to stand in your truth and your own power for the long run.

Remember, you are in the driver's seat of your healing journey. Allow your intuition to guide you at a pace that’s right for you and who you choose to work with.

Schedule a session

Value: $125 | Offers a wide array of ceremonies such as energy clearing & illumination, cord-cutting, resetting fight/flight, ancestral healing, protection rite, destiny retrievals, +more.

Book a 60-min Session:

Pricing: Standard | Offering-based

Value: $180 | Primarily reserved for Extraction services dealing with intrusive energies. Also a great option if you are in need of a longer combination of consultation and ceremony time.

Book a 90-min Session:

Pricing: Standard | Offering-based

Value: $250 | Primarily reserved for Soul Retrieval Ceremony. This ceremony is reserved for RETURNING CLIENTS ONLY and requires prior approval before booking to ensure readiness.

Book a 120-min Session:

Pricing: Standard | Offering-based


Combined 480 hours of training and certification in Shamanic Energy Medicine from The Four Winds Society (300 hrs) and Shamanic Healing Institute (supplemental 180 hrs). Received Munay-Ki, Pampamesayok, and Altomesayok Rites of Initiations to practice the Indigenous Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.

Important Note: In the world of Shamanic Healing, training and certifications provide important foundations for safely connecting with the spirit world and ceremonial rituals for becoming a clear channel for each healing intention. No amount of training would have legitimately made it possible for me to step onto this path if it wasn't for the will of the spirit world and my Shamanic Calling and Awakening. It was my experience that half the training was with teachers in the physical realm, and the other half was taught by teachers in the spirit realm where missing puzzle pieces were provided. Remember, shamanic healing involves active engagement with the spirit world. Without their willingness to engage in healing sessions, there is no Shaman and no Shamanic Healing Energies. Being a Shaman comes with great responsibility and personal sacrifice that is truly humbling. Intentions must be pure and the will of the spirit world must be honored.

Please perform your due diligence with who you allow into your spiritual space and tune into your intuition for discernment. To learn more about Shamans and what to look for, check out my About Shamans page.

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