About Shamans

Shamans often have multiple innate spiritual gifts to enter into altered states of consciousness and tap into the spiritual realms.  I personally achieve this state through shamanic journeying and/or at will, and share a deep connection with God and the spiritual realms. Shamans live a very "connected" life through our heart center, as required by our life's work.  

Shamans are often known as "wounded healers", where our path to service often involves very difficult and traumatizing experiences to prepare us for walking the healer's path of being of service to others.  It is through these initiations and rites of passage where we learn how to heal ourselves, develop relationships with the spirit world, and experience deep love, compassion, and empathy towards ourselves and others without judgment.  Our path of service is often determined prior to birth, and we must respond when receiving the call at a predetermined stage in our lives.

All this being said, so much has changed since 2020.  I found that spiritual gifts are innate in all of us, and our connection to God and the Spirit World resides in our heart-center.  This path is about helping you remember your own gifts, divine connections, and your own ability to heal and thrive.  To empower you to step into the highest version of yourself, to share your creative magic with the world to make a positive impact.  None of us can do this alone, and being a shaman is just one of many paths to being of service. We have to collaborate and encourage one another.

To learn more about my personal story and how I stepped into the role of a Shaman, please check out "About Anna / 안나" or watch this video.  

Choosing a Shaman 

Being a Shaman involves a lot of personal sacrifices and is not a path to be taken lightly.  Inadequate and/or improper training, combined with not respecting the will of the spirit world can bring harm and/or lack of results for the practitioner and their clients. 

Therefore, the most important thing when choosing a shaman is understanding their motivations and intentions for pursuing this path.  It must be of the purest of intentions, and not driven by greed for money and/or power.  They must also have the approval and engagement from God/Great Spirit and the spiritual realms to do this work.  After all, without the spirit world, there is no Shaman and there is no Shamanic Healing Energy. 

Additionally, ensure that they've gone through their own healing journey.  Perform your due diligence on several different Shamans you're drawn to by checking out their website, their bio, and social media.  What was the catalyst that made them step onto this path?  If it's about power, money, or clout, please move on to the next.  It's also a red flag if their behavioral pattern is competitive, showcase a sense of superiority / spiritual grandiosity, or lacks compassion and empathy.  

In addition, ensure that they only work with the highest frequency energies and spirits and do not practice sorcery or black magic.  Shamans have the ability to reverse curses and black magic inflicted onto you, but they should not be the ones placing them onto others even if at the request of a client.  A good Shaman knows better than to inflict harm onto others- they should only be focused on working for the highest and greatest good of the client and the world in which they serve.

Also ensure that you are comfortable with the Shaman / practitioner and that you honor your gut instincts if something does not feel right.  Energy work is highly personal, and you should always exercise discernment when it comes to who you allow into your spiritual space.  This line of work is all about intentions and can bring about negative consequences if the practitioner's intentions are not of the purest and highest of quality for you.  You should feel safe and supported in their presence, and feel a general sense of warmth, compassion, and humility.  They will likely also have clear boundaries and feel very grounded, an indication that they've done their shadow work to become a balanced Shaman. 

All this being said, every person and experiences coming into your life serves a purpose.  Allow your intuition to guide you to someone who empowers you as part of your healing journey.  Any perceived wrong turns allow you to grow through that experience, and lead you exactly where you're meant to be.  There's so many wonderful healers out there with more stepping forward each and every day so you're bound to come across someone you resonate with deeply.  Truth is always in the energy, not spoken words.  Honor your truth, and the spiritual realms will align you with exactly who you're meant to work with.  

Anna's Shamanic Healing Ceremonies