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Anna Segura Carter is the Founder and Owner of Illuminating Stories®, LLC.  She is a graduate of The Four Winds Society's Light Body School of Energy Medicine, and received the initiations of the Munay-Ki and Pampamesayok Rites to practice the indigenous shamanic healing traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.  She is also a certified Reiki Master from Maryland Center for Reiki Training.  Anna also holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.  

Hello Everyone!  I’m Anna, and prior to transitioning to my own private healing practice, I served as a Senior Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management in the financial services industry specializing in mortgage lending laws & regulations, risk management, and business transformation for 16+ years.  I am half Korean and half Hispanic, and fluent in Korean.  I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Justin since 2010, and have three rescue pitties named Bailey, Avery, and Dillon whom we adore as our four-legged furry children.

As with most shamans, my path towards stepping into a role of a shamanic healer has been riddled with years of pain and traumatic experiences.  After suffering for a period of 5 years of tragic losses, mysterious illnesses, and life experiences that drove me to a brink of desperation, I experienced the most profound shamanic awakening in March of 2019. It took some time for me to process what this calling meant for me, my family, and the life I’ve built up until then.  It was also at this point where I learned of the lineage of indigenous shamans and healers on my paternal side of the family, as it wasn't something that was talked about or even mentioned.  All I knew in that moment was the deep yearning to heal myself and others, and I intuitively knew this was the only way I would find my way out of the darkness and towards wholeness and lead a more purpose-driven life I had always desired.  

As humans we are meant to work with energy as if it’s second nature- but more in a conscious, connected way to enrich our lives, discover our true nature, and lead our lives the way we were always meant to live- connected to our heart’s center, one with all that exists in love and light. 


  • The Four Winds Society: 300-hour Light Body School of Energy Medicine.  Munay-Ki Rites of Initiations of the Indigenous Shamanic Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.
  • Shamanic Healing Institute: Shamanic Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Lineage of Peru- Essentials, Kawsay Journey, and Munay Way practitioner certifications completed (180 hours).  Received Munay-Ki, Pampamesayok, and Altomesayok Rites of Initiations to practice the Indigenous Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.

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    First and foremost, my deepest gratitude goes to the Spiritual Realms.  No amount of training would have made it possible for me to step onto this path if it wasn't for the will of the spirit world.  It was my experience that half the training was with teachers in the physical realm, and the other half was taught by teachers in the spirit realm where missing puzzle pieces were provided. 

    It was through the guidance of the spirit world where I found teachers, mentors and programs that supported me on this path.  The unconditional love and support from the spirit realms helped me realize the true beauty of their existence, the importance of this work, and our relationship.  I am truly humbled by the vastness of our existence and how much more learning there is to be had about the unseen realms and its true power and opportunities they hold.

    On the physical plane, I am thankful for my husband Justin who stood by me through the most challenging years of my life, and showed unconditional love without judgment when I shared my shamanic spiritual awakening experience with great fear.  He has supported me through thick and thin, and am deeply grateful to have a best friend in my life that loves me so unconditionally.  This path can really feel lonely sometimes, and it is through the unconditional love of family that has given me the strength and courage to trust and surrender completely to Spirit.

    In addition, I believe in a supportive community where practitioners, mentors, and teachers can all support one other without fear of competition.  I believe that anyone that is meant to work with me will seek me, and I also welcome the opportunity to serve as a bridge between clients and other practitioners. 

    In the end, the ultimate motivation should be on the highest good and outcome of the client, regardless of where they may land.  It's all a form of being of service to the greater collective, and it's often easy to lose sight of that.  I hope this serves as an important reminder to anyone these words are meant to reach.

    I also believe that everyone can start from somewhere due to incredible generosity and support of teachers and mentors willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with others.  It's hard to fathom the enormity that the gift of healing and transformation brings to one's life until one experiences it.

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      With love and gratitude,