About Anna Segura / 안나


I’m Anna Segura, and I am a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Certified Master Hypnotist with ~800 hours of combined training. My private practice specializes in helping my clients awaken their own ability to heal through Shamanic Healing, and empowering them further by aligning their conscious and subconscious minds through Hypnosis.  

My mission is to help you heal from traumatic life experiences and/or abusive relationships, cultivate self-love and self-worth, become empowered, and step into your highest purpose to truly thrive in life and make a positive impact.

Prior to transitioning to the world of Energy Medicine, I served as Senior Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management in the Mortgage Lending industry, a career I valued and enjoyed for 16+ years.


My path towards stepping into a role of a shamanic healer has been an interesting ride.  I've always been able to physically see, hear, and feel the unseen world as a child, until I learned to block it as a teenager when it got too overwhelming.  I never really spoke about it to anyone, out of fear of judgment and my desire to fit into a normal life. 

20 years later, after experiencing so much of what my heart desired in life, my life took a turn and I knew instinctively everything was about to change.  My gifts started to reactivate after an unexpected loss.  It was a humbling realization that my whole life was no longer in control, and forces much larger than myself was putting into motion a series of life experiences that would cause enormous amount of pain. 

After suffering for a period of 5 years of tragic losses, mysterious illnesses, and life experiences that drove me to a brink of desperation, I experienced the most profound shamanic awakening in March of 2019.  It was also at this point where I learned of the lineage of indigenous shamans and healers on my paternal side of the family, a shocking revelation.  Despite my fears of this drastic shift in my life, I surrendered to the calling and officially launched my healing practice in January 2020 as guided by the Spirit World. 

In the subsequent 5 years, my life has undergone a drastic transformation. I realized how my childhood trauma and blocking my gifts resulted in living most of my life in self-preservation mode.  The version of me that didn't reflect who I truly was at heart. It took releasing everything that once defined me to realize how beautiful we truly are at the soul level.  How powerful the will of the spirit world can be in showing us our truths and potentials in life.

I am deeply grateful for the healing, growth, and the opportunity to be of service.  This experience taught me how to truly embody self-love, self-respect, and self-worth, and I’m honored to guide my clients on their own healing and spiritual journey to experience the same.  Everyone deserves to experience healing, peace, self-love, and self-worth.  It changes everything about you and around you in the best possible way.

I truly believe all healing is self-healing. I'm just here to remind you of your magic, your own connection to God/Spirit and the spiritual realms, and empower you to awaken your own ability to heal and thrive. 

It's been so rewarding to bear witness to all of the profound transformation of my clients.  Seeing them heal, light up their own stories, and stepping into their highest purpose and paying it forward with their own unique gifts and contributions. 

It’s your time to shine courageously- you got this.

Special Acknowledgements:

First and foremost, my deepest gratitude goes to God and the Spiritual Realms.  No amount of training would have made it possible for me to step onto this path if it wasn't for the will of the spirit world.  It was my experience that half the training was with teachers in the physical realm, and the other half was taught by teachers in the spirit realm where missing puzzle pieces were provided. 

Please know that being a shaman is just one of numerous paths of service, and one is not "better than" another.  I believe we all have unique gifts to offer, and it's more about resonance, alignment, and divine timing when it comes to who you choose to partner with on your healing/spiritual journey.  Honor your intuition and explore with discernment- your soul knows the way.  

Certifications & Credentials:

I've undergone extensive training in Energy Medicine, a combined 480 hours of training and received Munay-Ki, Pampamesayok, and Altomesayok Rites of Initiations to practice the Indigenous Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.  I also hold Master level certifications in Reiki and Hypnotherapy (300 hours) given the significant role these modalities played in my own healing journey.

  • The Four Winds Society (300 hours): Light Body School of Energy Medicine.  Munay-Ki Rites of Initiations to practice the Indigenous Shamanic Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.
  • Shamanic Healing Institute (180 hours): Shamanic Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Lineage of Peru- Essentials, Kawsay Journey, and Munay Way practitioner certifications completed.  Received Munay-Ki, Pampamesayok, and Altomesayok Rites of Initiations to practice the Indigenous Healing Traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.
  • Maryland Center for Reiki Training (Reiki Master): Reiki I, II, ART/Master levels of the Usui Holy Fire III lineage.  
  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute (300 hours): Certified Master Hypnotist, Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
    • Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist
    • Certified Specialist in Smoking Cessation
    • Certified Specialist in Hypnosis & Weight Loss
    • Certified Specialist in Hypnosis for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
    • American Hypnosis Association: Certified Master Hypnotist & Member