Intro: 4-Part Healing Series (In Support of Texas)

This video is an intro to my upcoming 4-Part Guided Healing Series in support of the tragic sufferings and loss of lives resulting from this week's Texas winter storms. It was preventable and didn't have to turn into such a huge tragedy. There's more to what happened than meets the eye, and I'm continuing to track at the energetic level with my colleague and the spiritual realms to learn more.

With that said, there's always something we can do to spring into action as we count our blessings by supporting others. This is my way of creating a safe space to allow anyone to:

  1. Release: Sit with the vulnerability and heavy emotions so they can be processed, transmuted, and released.
  2. Reset: Help you reset your fight/flight that definitely kicked in during our survival mode.
  3. Recharge: Help you recharge your energy field with high vibration energies to help you shift into higher frequencies,
  4. Renew: Help empower you to renew and reclaim your power by tapping into divine wisdom from the high frequency spiritual realms.

Please share with anyone you feel may benefit from this series.

While this is created in support of our Texas friends, this series is applicable to any intentions you'd like to release, reset, recharge, and renew.

With love & gratitude,




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