Part 2: Guided Ceremony | RESET

As a follow-up to my Intro for the 4-Part Guided Healing Series video, this is Part 2 of the series focusing on resetting your fight/flight that kicks in during survival mode experiences.
This ceremony tunes into the heartbeat of Mother Earth and balances two key chakras to reset your fight/flight response in a way that curtails the production of toxic stress hormones. This ceremony is simple yet powerful, and beneficial for anyone experiencing anxiety or living in a constant fight/flight state-of-being. It helps you feel safe and supported so you can tap into that sense of empowerment and resilience needed to help you move forward.
Note: Smudging/clearing and sacred space established prior to the creation of this recording.  Also included are hearbeat sound effects and 432 Hz binaural beats to enhance your experience.
While this is created in support of our Texas friends, this series is applicable to any intentions you'd like to release, reset, recharge, and renew.
Look forward to connecting with you in Part 3 where we will be recharging your energy field with high vibrational energies in support of your highest good.
For best results, listen with 🎧 at a time and place where you will not be interrupted for the duration of this guided session ✨.
Please share with anyone you feel may benefit from this series.
With love & gratitude,

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