New Moon Fire Ceremony- Navigating Uncertainties | Release Overwhelm | Receive Clarity & Awareness

In this video, I wanted to tune into this month's Full Moon in Pisces energy.

Powerful Energies around Navigating Uncertainties
👉🏼 Release Overwhelm & Need for Control
👉🏼 Receive Clarity & Awareness
👉🏼 Take Inspired Action Towards Your Life’s Purpose

If you're sensitive to energies, you may have been experiencing heightened sense of uncertainty, instability, overwhelm, and anxieties around loss of control.

I’ve experienced this strongly the past few days, and had to fully surrender from a place of pure humbleness.

I had to face all of which I avoided, acknowledge all the ways I needed to hold myself more accountable, and sought wisdom from the spiritual realms on how to truly step forward in my path.

It was rough.

And in discovering a path forward through clarity and awareness, felt guided to share this transmission more broadly. What a beautiful and transformative gift. 

In this virtual fire ceremony, I invite you to join me in releasing these energies into the fire with a grateful heart.

These energies carry valuable lessons that serve as a catalyst for stepping into our life's purpose and calling.

Be open and willing to transform what was released by receiving the energies of clarity and awareness.

With these gifts, may you find the courage to take inspired actions towards your highest and greatest purpose.

*Note: Energy transcends time and space.  Energies from this ceremony will be equally effective regardless of when you feel guided to watch this video (not just for tonight's full moon).*

With love & gratitude, Anna


For best results, please find a quiet and comfortable space and grab a pair of headphones 🎧 .

Sit back or lying down, close your eyes and follow along the guided visualizations and energy transmissions to help you release and receive the intentions set for this ceremony.

Be sure to express gratitude, and observe the beautiful synchronicities, revelations, and inspired actions come through for you in the coming days and weeks ✨.


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