What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing has been around forever, but it's starting to gain more mainstream momentum.  It may be new to you and that's completely okay. Life, and our very existence is a beautiful mystery and a miracle in itself.  Einstein has already proven energy is everywhere- it's something that we cannot see, yet we've learned to harness it's power and ingrained it into our day-to-day lives. Think electricity, radio frequencies, wireless communication, electromagnetic fields, the internet, etc. We can't see it with our physical eyes but yet we know it exists because we use it every day and may even feel them.

While we may not be conscious of it, energy is everywhere, even around our physical bodies known as auric fields, or luminous energy field.  It projects our frequencies onto the world- which is then received by those we interact with.  As a matter of fact, it's how the law of attraction works.  Something that never existed can be manifested into our reality simply by our ability to imagine it and take actions to create it in our physical reality.  It's actually quite incredible when  you think about all the innovations over the years that didn't exist but now we rely on heavily.  I can only imagine the amount of courage it took to bring them into our realities despite those that discounted the ideas as nonsense or impossibilities.

Additionally, our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are huge contributors of the "vibe" or vibration / frequency we emit, which can then be picked up by others we interact with.  We've all experienced being around someone that radiates good vibes (high vibration/high frequency)- their energy makes us feel good when we're around them.  Conversely, we can feel drained when being around someone with a dense energy (low vibration/low frequency), even when not engaging with them in a meaningful way.

That's exactly what working with energy is all about.  When we don't take good care of our energy field, all of the heavy energies from others, our traumas, emotional wounds, grief, and negative life experiences will accumulate and weighing us down.  Over time, these dense energies and imprints will lower our vibration and frequency to the point where it manifests into emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease.

Energy healing is all about awakening your own ability to heal at the soul level.  Any energies that do not serve you is released, and brought back into alignment with who you really are- no longer defined by your societal upbringing, life experiences, and past stories that do not serve you and your highest purpose.  

There are many different energy healing modalities and they are all unique in their own right.   As a Shaman, my primary service work is centered around  Shamanic Healing - feel free to check it out to learn more about this service offering.

Want to learn how to sense energies?  Watch this video: