Finding Balance: Your Light vs. Shadow Attributes

A black and white image depicting attributes of inner light and unhealed shadows that can cause onto self and others.

Navigating the Complexities of Human Relationships and Embracing the Power of Shadow Work

The Pendulum Swing Between Light and Shadow

Many people engage with the world around them through their dominant light or shadow attributes, but rarely both. You may find yourself in a pendulum swing between the two extremes while blissfully unaware.

The Impact of Trauma on Our Light and Shadow Attributes

As an example, let's say you've experienced a traumatic life event as a child and have adopted your shadow attributes as a means of self-protection, inadvertently harming others through those darker manifestations.

At some point in your adult life, another traumatic event woke you up to your light but as a result, you overcompensated at your own expense.

The Struggle with Imbalance and People-Pleasing

You eventually become frustrated with your inability to stand up for yourself or may have unknowingly become a people-pleaser. You can't seem to understand why people continue to take advantage of you and you find yourself at a loss as to why nothing in your life is going your way.

You start looking into self-improvement resources and may even embark on your spiritual journey searching for answers and healing. Then, all of a sudden, your shadow self emerges, forcing you into the shadow work phase of your journey-- the key to finding your inner balance.

Embracing Shadow Work for Inner Balance

Inner balance is the key to harmony. Our light and shadows serve as reminders of the work we must do to support growth and healing. Nothing is more complex than navigating human relationships and understanding the truths of human nature.

You must learn to balance how to love/give, while also protecting yourself from great harm that exists in this world. It is the unfortunate reality of life. There would be no traumas to heal from otherwise.

The Foundations of Safety, Love, and Worthiness

In order to create balance and harmony within, we must recognize and accept all aspects of ourselves, both light and shadow. When you peel back the layers, you'll find that each trait has a root cause that wants to be seen and healed. The foundations are feelings of safety, love, and worthiness.

This is the power of shadow work.

Embrace this sacred process with respect and compassion for ourselves and the people in our lives.

When we heal, we heal the world around us.

Be gentle with yourself through this process and know support is available.

Want to learn more about shadow work?  Check out this blog post to learn about the 4 Phases of Shadow Work.

Sending you so much love on your sacred journey ❤️.


PS. There are traits in each category where the inverse is true. Shadow attributes can cause harm to self, and light can cause harm to others in an imbalanced state (ie enabling of harmful behaviors of others). I wanted to keep this as straight forward as possible, but also wanted to acknowledge the complexities of this process and that this post serves as an example on this very complex yet worthy subject 🙏🏼✨.


Until next time,


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