Shadow Work Part II: Full Overview

Shadow work is probably the most challenging yet empowering stages of your spiritual journey.

It's also the trickiest and scariest parts of the journey and many people struggle to get out this phase, or permanently adopt their darker selves without illuminating their shadow qualities with their inner love & light. It can be harmful to both you and others.

You are not meant to stay in this stage. It's a transitional phase to help you come into FULL BALANCE.

Your loving, compassionate side co-existing with courageous and protective side of you and all of its powerful expressions. Your core essence is still rooted in love and light, but it doesn’t mean you should tolerate or excuse harmful behaviors from others.

We often struggle with this inner conflict and often let others take advantage of us, abuse us, or harm us in some way- dimming our inner light and sense of self. It’s not okay, and the spirit world wants you to know that.

Shadow work is about honoring your truths and become truly authentic and balanced.

I noticed several of my clients going through this phase as of late, and wanted to share more broadly in case anyone else is navigating this stage. Having gone through all of the phases myself, I can deeply empathize in more ways than one.

I hope the lessons and wisdom gained from my own personal experience and taught to me by the Spirit World can prove to be helpful.

I know every person's experience and journey is unique so it may not resonate with everyone, but I hope it can be insightful.

If you haven't been through shadow work yet and are at the "love & light" stage, buckle up!! You are in for a wild ride but the rewards are worth what it takes to get through it 😘.
With that said, let's dive into the shadow work phases.

Phase 1:  The Awareness Phase

  • You become aware of your shadow self & shadow qualities. This awareness may begin as a sense of frustration around certain behavioral patterns you want to break but can’t seem to.  This can also feel scary, and you may feel consumed by darkness.  
  • This happens after a time period of Love & Light "high" phase of your spiritual awakening journey. Just when you thought you were "done" with healing.  This equips you with the ability to illuminate your shadow qualities in order to achieve a balanced state-of-being.
  • This shadow version of you exists to protect you, to help you set strong boundaries, stand up for yourself, respect yourself, love yourself, and knows you are worthy of all of it.
  • However, life experiences taught you that version of you was "bad" and needed to be "hidden".

Phase 2:  Root Cause & Compassion

  • Dig into the root cause of why those qualities & behavioral patterns exist and life experiences that made you feel like they were "bad" parts of you that needed to be suppressed.
  • It's important to be very compassionate with yourself in order to feel seen and heard without judgement.
  • Then connect & embrace those aspects of you. Express gratitude and welcome them back for integration.
  • This brings light to your shadows and prepares you for the integration phase.

Phase 3:  Integration Phase

  • This is the "practical application" phase of shadow work. You'll be presented with opportunities to bring out your "illuminated" shadow self through various circumstances and w/ people. It's rooted in deep self-love & mutual respect.
  • This phase is all about RECLAIMING YOUR POWER. It gifts you with DISCERNMENT & COURAGE to take necessary action. To speak and honor your truth.
  • Don't be surprised if an aspect of you feels like an "alter ego" shows up at this stage. Name him/her & enjoy until full integration takes place. This is temporary- don't freak out.
  • You'll be shedding a lot during this phase. People/places/ things that are not aligned will fall away and can be emotionally challenging. Give yourself grace, faith & trust.

Phase 4:  Embodiment Phase

  • This is where you begin to harmonize the light and dark sides of you and come into BALANCE.
  • You realize it's okay to treat people and handle circumstances in accordance with their intentions and your highest good.
  • Shifting between your light/compassionate side and darker/fiercer side becomes second nature.
  • Any people-pleasing tendencies are healed and released.
  • You'll feel more balanced and confident in who you are. No longer needing validation & acceptance by others.


Hope this was helpful if you are going through this stage of your spiritual journey.  If it did, please leave a comment with your thoughts.  I'd also love to hear any other insights and experiences you may have had so share away!

With love & gratitude,


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