✨Energy Update✨: Mindfulness & Conscious Living | ❗️IT MATTERS❗️

The past few posts have been focused on how to navigate uncertainties, receiving clarity and awareness, and the importance of taking inspired actions towards your heart’s desires.

But if you’re being led to start over in a completely different path- you’re purpose, it can all feel very overwhelming.

And I know so many people are in a similar predicament, especially now more than ever.

It’s been interesting processing the energetics from the spiritual realms and I’ve been sitting with it for about a week and a half without sharing.

For one, mindfulness and conscious living are not new concepts, and in many ways so foundational yet so ambiguous.  Do you feel me?

But as each day went by without sharing, synchronicities, inspirations, and additional clarity started to show up.

And... a sense of urgency.

It’s important to recognize that our interconnectedness and it’s imbalances has a vibrational/energetic impact on each other, our ecosystem, and our planet.

But it doesn’t end there.

Just like our interconnectedness, Earth’s energetic imbalances affect other planets in the solar system, and the universe.  Our imbalances are manifesting in what’s going on in the world collectively, and also garnering attention and curiosity of the beyond.

Our entire existence is interconnected, and we have to be mindful that we are literally living inside a planet floating in the middle of the cosmos!!  There’s so much we take for granted and don’t fully appreciate or understand.

And in order to be a part of the larger restoration process, we must remember our soul’s essence and commit to stepping into our highest purpose- IT STARTS WITH US.

Our unique gifts and purpose are bigger than us- it’s designed to raise our consciousness and vibration of our planet- and it’s positive effects bringing balance back into the universe.

And when starting something new and authentic, it must be done consciously and mindfully- no longer driven by our subconscious programming.

It requires going back to the basics- hard at first, you may even resist it.  But because it’s innate in how we manifest in our reality, you will learn to enjoy the journey.

Look forward to sharing the practical aspects of implementing mindfulness and conscious living as it’s shown up for me.

Stay tuned ,


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