3 Must-Haves for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Illuminating Stories

Healthy boundaries = reflection of your healing journey.  It requires self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

If you’re struggling with boundaries in general, focus on nourishing yourself in those areas first.

You’ll find that the more you heal, love yourself, feel worthy, and respect yourself- setting healthy boundaries will become second nature.

I’m sensing a lot lately around the importance of healthy boundaries, and how so many people struggle with it.

It’s all a part of awakening to our authentic selves and it’s important to observe your behaviors and be compassionate with yourself through the journey.

Being mindful and more conscious will give you the tools you need to observe and ask questions.

Important lessons and messages around any unhealed wounds you’re carrying will soon be revealed.

Once realized, release with love and gratitude and continue to grow .


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