5 Divine Lessons from My Relo Story

 In this video, I wanted to share how my relocation unfolded in the midst of a pandemic, with divine guidance provided in Dec 2019 through a vision of a home we were meant to move into in TX in 2020.  Had no clue where or why, and the way things unfolded to overcome seemingly impossible set of circumstances were truly incredible.  It taught me some very valuable spiritual lessons which I share at the end of the video (short version):

1. Stop doubting yourself, it's not your imagination.  It's divine guidance, no matter how impossible something may seem.

2. Trust your spirit guides, they always have your back.

3. Don't dismiss an idea or create a resistance simply because you think something feels impossible.

4.  Do not be shy about asking for help from the spirit world.  They want you to ask for help, so they can orchestrate the timing, people, places, resources, and outcomes.  Let them take care of the "how".

5.  Divine timing is very real.  Things always work out for the better and in alignment with your highest and greatest purpose.  I had multiple points in this story where I tried to intervene, but in each case they orchestrated the events in a way where I couldn't possibly mess things up.  Things turned out so much better in very unexpected ways.  Hindsight is always 2020 (no pun intended).

Check out the full video to gain some humorous insights about my relationship with the spirit world, how they worked through my husband to work around my stubbornness, how we managed to track down the house they showed me 6-months prior to the actual move, and the dream after seeing the home that really freaked me out!  It was honestly a wild ride through and through.


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