6 Stages of Spiritual Awakening


Happy Friday!

Are you on your spiritual awakening journey? In this video, I wanted to walk you through the 6 Stages of Spiritual Awakening as I’ve experienced them thus far.

As many of you are aware, my Shamanic Awakening occurred in March of 2019, and since then, so many people have also experienced their own spiritual awakening. It's exciting, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. There’s a lot I wanted to talk about, and thought this was a good opportunity to set the stage for my upcoming video topics as well.

I’m really curious to see if your experiences align with mine, or if your experiences have been different. Different or similar, your experiences can help others also feel seen and validated, and help me learn and become aware of them as well. Please feel free to comment here or on the video to share your thoughts.

I'm really curious to see what comes next- is there a stage 7,8,9,10...etc? We may need to wait and see, but that's what makes this journey so exciting :-).

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did creating it.

Sending so much love, peace, and blessings your way.

- Anna Segura

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