9 Ways to Level Up Your Physical Health

It's been a year since I took a hiatus from most social media and uploading content on my website.  And it's been an intense time all around- both in our external realities as well as our personal lives.  With so much shedding in my life behind me, I'm looking forward to returning and sharing again from a place of growth and deeper empathy around the collective energies.

Have you ever thought about how miraculous our bodies really are?  The fact that our consciousness engages with our bodies at the cellular level 24/7 whether we are aware of it or not?  That every cell and organs in our bodies work tirelessly to house our souls so we can continue to exist in this reality.  Our consciousness is the leader of our bodies, and our bodies execute whatever comes through our state-of-being.  In other words, every cell in our physical vessel works tirelessly FOR US.  
Have you ever thought of it that way?  Now take a step back and reflect on how we speak to our bodies.  When was the last time you expressed appreciation and love towards them for all the hard work they put in to keep you going? 
Are you giving them the right blueprint / instructions to motivate them in carrying out their duties through your thoughts and intentions?  Are your thoughts towards your body aligned with your intentions or desires?  
The thing is, every cell in our bodies FEEL what we think, say, and feel about them.  And they respond accordingly.  It's really important to become aware, and embody leadership styles that help their employees THRIVE. 
Align your words, thoughts, and actions so your body can clearly understand what you wish to achieve.  Then encourage and motivate them.  Express love.  Gratitude. 
Additionally, examine your environment and identify anything and anyone that makes you feel unsafe and/or unloved.  Take steps towards creating that safe and nourishing environment to fully ALIGN.
A healthy physical vessel is not just about looking & feeling great. It's crucial to our spiritual well-being. Our ability to receive messages and hold higher vibrational energies requires a clear and optimized container at all times (especially now).
This call to focus on our physical health appears to be highly critical in grounding and anchoring high vibrational energies in order to help us navigate what's coming up on our path and our external realities. 

9 Tips to Level Up Your Physical Health:
1.  Nutrition: Consume foods rich in phytonutrients (raises our frequency)
2.  Hydration: Drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces (water & lemon)
3.  Exercise: Aim to move your body every day and incorporate strength training
4.  Supplements: Vitamins can really help support any nutritional deficiencies your body needs. Research and take what feels right for your unique needs.
5.  Rest: You don't have to grind 24/7 to make an impact. Honor your body's need for rest. Without guilt!
6.  Deep Breathing: Most of us have become accustomed to shallow breathing. Incorporate deep breathing throughout your day to anchor and ground these energies, and to help release energies that are not serving you.
7.  Grounding: Spend time in nature, especially when it's sunny
8.  Spiritual Hygiene: As energetic beings, remember to clear your energy field regularly. Poor spiritual hygiene can weigh down your physical body and can affect your sleep and cause physical discomfort.  Examine your environment and remove yourself from people, places, and things that take away from your peace and happiness, and surround yourself with those that align well with your energy.
9.  Love Your Body: Speak kindly to your body and express gratitude for all that it's doing for you 24/7. This is a collaborative effort.  Motivate them with words, thoughts, and actions that align with your desires and intentions.
Remember, our physical vessel serves as a container for existence here on Earth. Take great care of it- your body will appreciate you beyond measure!
Until next time,

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