All Healing Services are Now Donation-Based!

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Since being called on this path almost two years ago, I went through a massive transformation in how I viewed our material world.  The Spirit World has so lovingly shown me that it's possible to be happy and fulfilled without the need to be so attached to material possessions.  
Energy exchange in the context of healing work is sacred, and I’ve always honored the individual financial circumstances through pro bono work and discounts for those who needed it.  The reality is healing takes work, and often multiple sessions are required for most people (3-4 to start feeling the shift).  I don't ever want anyone to feel they can't get the support they need if finances are a factor.  I've been there myself and can empathize in many ways.
Although in my heart I’ve always wanted to go fully  Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) pricing structure, my scarcity mindset told me I wouldn’t be able to survive the financial reality of running a private practice and support our basic living expenses.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fair energy exchange, but also recognize that the value of time and money is relative to each individual’s financial circumstances.  
I also believe that all service-minded healers are deserving of abundance, and what most healers with good intentions charge is fair. We all deserve to support ourselves through our work and services. But this is what I feel is aligned with my personal path and feel guided to do so by the spirit world.
As a former corporate executive making lucrative income, I led a very materialistic lifestyle with an insatiable appetite for the finer things in life, and I was always chasing after more, more, more.  It was never enough and I was miserable being so weighed down by it all.
Shortly after accepting the calling, I went through a massive grieving cycle as I recognized that I had to give up on all that I had worked tirelessly for over 16 years- my career, our dream home in a private estate community, and the identity I had built up until that point to be a "somebody".
They gave me about 9 months to process the changes and undergo my training and formally open up my practice to lay the groundwork for this drastically different life that I never saw coming.
It's been a year since I started working with clients from all walks of life, and observed so many good people suffering from unspeakable trauma.  We've also collectively gone through some massive changes with COVID-19, social unrest, and energetic shifts stemming from all of 2020 has thrown our way.  And don't get me started on 2021!
Simultaneously, the Spirit World has been guiding me through some major changes as well, including a relocation from Annapolis, MD back to our home State of TX.  We've never lived in San Antonio, but alas, we ended up moving here to the exact home they've shown me in a meditation 6 months prior. 
To be honest, I didn't even think it was possible for us to survive two years without my corporate income, or be able to own another home again.  But through each financial dilemma, the Spirit World has supported us through it all in the most unexpected and miraculous ways.  Sure, we've had to downsize considerably and give up on a lot of "extra" things, but honestly, it's been liberating.  And I've never been so grateful for all that I already have, and for the lessons I've learned along the way and what truly matters in life.
One pattern I've noticed was that the Spirit World helped us manifest exactly what we needed in the exact moment and nothing more.  At first we thought it was just a coincidence, but over time we realized this "pattern" had a deeper lesson within it.
With everything in life, it's taught me that what's in alignment will come to you effortlessly exactly when you need it.  The moment you fall into the trap of wanting more than what's meant for you, it comes at a cost.  At the cost of your health, peace-of-mind, work-life balance, boundaries, happiness, loved ones, or worse, behaviors that cause harm onto others or yourself.  You become a slave to that thing you think you want, and end up in a hamster wheel you can't escape.
As I reflected on this, the key was to be grateful for and be happy with all that I already have and be open to receiving all that is meant for me and nothing more.   This ensures that I always remain in alignment while maintaining that sense of peace and joy.  
I thought about what I've always wanted to do but didn't have the courage to do for the past year.  I always felt in my heart that healing shouldn't be just for people that could afford my services, but for anyone that I'm meant to work with regardless of their ability to pay. 
Today, the idea of implementing the  Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) pricing structure tugged at me again, and I really felt called to just make it official and completely surrender to the will of Spirit and the Spiritual Realms. 
Healing is a deeply personal experience between the individual and God/Great Spirit and our spirit guides.  I'm honored to facilitate this process for those I'm meant to work with, and I've chosen to gratefully accept and receive what is meant for me and nothing more.  Although I believe in abundance and the value of my services, I also believe my intentions as a healer should be pure and not driven by money.  My focus is on building strong relationship with my clients and the community I serve, and what is meant to be, will simply, BE.
Through this process, I will no longer carry the burden that was not meant for me to carry and release it all to the Spirit World in alignment with my highest purpose and for the greatest good of all involved. So be it, so it is.
And with that, I’m so excited that all of my clients going forward can offer what they feel in their hearts to be a fair value of our energy exchange, aligned with their financial circumstances.
If you’ve been looking for a sign to finally take that step towards healing and step into your own purpose in life, this is it.  You got this, and I'm rooting for you.
With love & gratitude,
Important Note:  For tax purposes, Illuminating Stories, LLC is a for-profit organization and payment for services rendered are not tax deductible.

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  • larissa

    I was elated to read this, but even more so when I saw the tax filing status at the very end. People tend to associate non- profits with being virtuous, when the reality is anything but. Thanks for speaking, being and doing so consistently!!

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