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Motivational Quote Believe You Can and You Will

Believe You Can, and You Will.  Today marks a very special milestone for me- 16 months and 300 hours of Hypnosis training later- I passed my final exam and am now a Certified Master Hypnotist! It completes my third and final certification goal set from April 2019.

After my shamanic awakening a little over a year and a half ago, I had so many questions and a lot of fear.  One of the biggest ones being making such a drastic transition to a field I knew so little about, and leaving behind financial stability and a career I worked so hard to build for over 16 years.

As I learned to release my attachments and past conditioning, I was led to various programs that taught me the foundations of energy medicine, and the spiritual realms taught me the rest.  It blew me away and made me feel so alive, and was grateful to realize that there’s so much more to our existence than I realized.

While the bulk of my training resides in the world of energy, I also developed a keen sense of curiosity around our human experience, and our subconscious mind.  As I underwent my own healing journey, I felt profound shifts to my state of being through energy healing, and the lessons they unveiled around my past stories- bringing light to experiences that once existed in the darkest of my memories.

Even so, while spiritually and consciously I knew how to make decisions towards my highest purpose, I felt like my subconscious mind was determined to revert me back to what once was- my old life script. 

I realized then that in order to fully get into alignment, I needed all aspects of my existence to move in the same direction but didn’t know how.  And through synchronicities, a “suggested” video popped up on my YouTube feed and it was Michael Sealy’s hypnosis video around meeting my future self.

I was highly skeptical with the whole concept of hypnosis, but something told me to try it out with an open mind.  That experience blew me away, which led me to additional videos including past-life regressions that filled in a lot of missing pieces around my current life experiences.

There was something so incredibly powerful about the memories our subconscious mind holds, and the fact that it dictates 88% of our day-to-day activities and thoughts in auto-pilot mode.

The results I’ve achieved personally through hypnosis to complement my spiritual practices has had a profound impact in getting more fully aligned with my purpose-driven service work, and reprogramming self-sabotaging behaviors stemming from painful life experiences.

The truth is, I am still a work-in-progress.  Starting over at the age of 40 still terrifies me- I didn’t expect any of this.  The only thing keeping me going is believing in myself when most people didn’t. Never in a million years did I ever imagine going down this path but here we are. 

My heart still flutters at all the uncertainties ahead of me, but I fully trust and surrender to what led me here, and where I will be led to in the future- one day at a time.

If you are also facing uncertainties in your life, believe that you can, and you will.  No one else’s opinions matter, just yours. 

I hope the addition of hypnosis to my service repertoire will bring more balance and holistic healing to clients struggling with bringing their subconscious mind into alignment with their spiritual, conscious, and physical well-being.

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