Dear Universe: What is Uncertainty Teaching Me?


Have you been feeling unsettled lately?  Today, I've been tuning into the energy of uncertainty and feeling unsettled, and wanted to share this reminder with whoever needs to hear it. 

Feeling unsettled brings about a sense of instability and loss of control, and can result in increased anxiety, decreased motivation, and lack of constructive actions.  
Many of us are feeling it these days, myself included.  We WILL pull through this collectively, and learn to embrace and even love change.
Our reality is ever changing, and we are ever evolving- only more than ever now. 
All situations eventually pass, and we learn to adjust, reinvent, and come out stronger when we look back from the other side.
Remember, feeling uncomfortable often turns out to be a catalyst for discovering your purpose and calling in life.
Make this time of uncertainty work in your favor- make changes, shake things up, transmute self-limiting beliefs, and crush through them!
A Great Book For Your Daily Routine
By the way, are you looking for a great book to incorporate into your daily routine?  I absolutely adore this book if you haven't heard of it yet. 
Dear Universe
It categorizes how you feel or want to feel, and guides you through how to transmute, remind, and affirm the reality you want to manifest through these mini meditations.  Can easily be something you incorporate into your daily routine.
Comment down below if you have this book, or how you have been navigating these times of uncertainty.
Sending you love, blessings, and strength.

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