Emotions = Power

When it comes to taking back your power and feeling empowered, it requires your mind and your heart to come into alignment.  It’s easy to intellectualize it, but it’s a totally different ball game when it comes to actually embodying that sense of empowerment to:

➡️ find the courage to speak your truth even if it’s not what the other person wants to hear

➡️ stand up for yourself and your beliefs

➡️ not shrink yourself so others can feel bigger and more comfortable being around you 

➡️ not elevate others at your own expense

➡️ not tolerate disrespect

➡️ love yourself enough to know you are worthy

➡️ respect yourself enough to know you are an equal to anyone else on this planet.

For the mind and the heart to come into alignment and calibrate, you must engage your emotions and your body so it can create a new energetic field configuration.  Affirmations are great, but when you engage your EMOTIONS, it puts you on a fast track because it’s really our ability to feel that puts the power in those words.

The next time you meditate, try out this exercise, really allowing the emotions to show you what it feels like to embody these traits and state of being. 

🌟 “Show me what feeling empowered feels like.”

🌟 “Show me what my authentic self feels like.”

🌟 “Show me what feeling worthy feels like.”

🌟”Show me what feeling love for myself feels like.”

The list goes on.  Repeat this as often as you need it, and over time embodiment will become your new state of being.

I think it’s easy to see and hear that we need to do these things but we don’t really talk about how to embody these traits to create that new energetic signature.

I struggled with these myself and became puzzled, and realized in order to be empowered, you had to know what that FEELS like first.

The mind-heart connection is powerful once you learn to engage your emotions to bridge the gap and get into alignment.

Emotion is where the power truly resides, in our heart center.  

Emotions = Power 🙌🏼  

Comment down below to let me know your thoughts and if you’ve tried it!

Until next time, shine on 🌟,


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