Energy Update: Self-Expression

Anyone else been feeling the pull towards exploring interests outside of work lately? 
I've been really pondering and getting lost in how so much of our lives revolve around our work.  How so much of our identities are tied to our titles, labels, and the roles we play in society.
For me, I've suppressed so much of who I am for most of my life just so I can be taken seriously at my corporate job and move up the ladder.  All of my interests outside of work were never shared openly, and I always felt like I had to look and dress the part, and even condition myself to be apathetic so I wouldn't be perceived as weak in a cut-throat industry.
When I got called to this path, I cannot even begin to tell you how liberating and free I felt!  My love for makeup, hair, arts & crafts, and my sensitive personality no longer had to be hidden- yeah!!
But alas, it wasn't long before that pesky fear crept in about how society defines and perceives shamans. 
I didn't think I could ever make it- my life up until now couldn't be more different than traditional shamans.  The spirit world must've made a mistake!
But to my surprise, the spirit world's guidance was simple: 
  • Just be yourself
  • Be authentic, genuine, and embrace every aspect of who you are
With that, I was relieved.  It gave me the courage to express myself with the same new-found freedom I learned to appreciate. 
Are there people that come to my site and judge me because I don't "look" like other shamans?  Sure, I'm sure there are. 
But honestly, I refuse to be a cookie cutter to meet other people's expectations and neither should you. 
At this time of great uncertainty, introspection, and dis-ease, so many of you may be awakening to your life's purpose and calling.
And many of you may be scratching your head going, huh?  I'm nothing like that role, no one would take me seriously!  But you know what?
In order for things to change and evolve for the better, more of us need to find the courage to be exactly as who we are meant to be. 
Don't conform, don't suppress any aspects of yourself that makes you unique.
Be unapologetically you. 
For me, that means saying yes to being a shaman who loves lashes and makeup.  Creative activities.  A crazy dog mom.  A foodie. And you know what else?
The role you play in society or career doesn't define you. 
You were born with natural gifts, talents, interests, and passions that have been suppressed so deeply, that it's only a matter of time before they explode to the surface.
And when it does, like it is with me right now, explore them.  Embrace them.  Make time for them.  And see where it leads you.
Freedom of self-expression is a precious gift that exists within us.  All you have to do is say yes, and show up.
If this resonates with you, I'd love to hear more about what you're experiencing.
With love,

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