Illusions of the Ego

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Our perception of reality can shift as quickly as we shift our thoughts and emotions. So much of our perceptions are based on subjectivity and man-made illusions that have nothing to do with humanity and how we really should be spending our days in this temporary human experience.

We are all worthy. We are not defined by anything other than the essence of our souls.

We are all equals and must be there for each other, love and care for one another more than ever.

It’s okay not to be okay in the face of injustice, hate, and blatant disregard of human life.

We all grieve and process our emotions in our own way, but remember that we are stronger and more powerful than we allow ourselves to be.

Allow the love in our hearts to show us the way. Kindness does not mean weakness. Love is energy. Energy is power. Love can transmute, or devour, the darkness. Where there’s a will, there is always a way, and choice is a two-way street.

Starting today, take a moment to take back the power you’ve been giving away to others due to your own self-limiting beliefs.

Start by saying to yourselves “No one is above or below me. We are all equals.” Meditate on it.

Be more aware of your tendencies to elevate others while lowering yourselves.  What is the source of the wound or fear that's keeping you small?

  • What you do for a living doesn’t define you.
  • The color of your skin doesn’t define you.
  • The language you speak doesn’t define you.
  • Your country of origin doesn’t define you.
  • Your sexual orientation doesn’t define you.
  • Your disability doesn't define you.
  • Your age doesn't define you.
  • How much money you have doesn’t define you.

Your energy, vibration, and frequency- your state of being and your soul’s essence, are what defines you. So keep elevating, keep healing, keep persevering.

We ALL got this.  Do not continue to suffer in silence alone- we have each other to lean on for support.  This is what makes us human.

With love & gratitude,


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