Inner Work During Times of Great Human Sufferings

Woman with long brown hair with words Feel. Express. Transmute. Release.
Feel. Express. Transmute. Release. The inner work aspect of working through external events that hit home so personally is challenging even for those of us that have been through hell and back to get to where we are today.

While it may be easier for me to sit back and bypass these very real life events and ignore the huge weight of human sufferings of those who look like me, that’s the opposite of what I’ve been guided to do by the spirit world.

From the day I was called, the main themes of messages for me involved healing (traumas and mental abuse), being my true self, and speaking my truth. The last felt the most impossible for me. If you’ve experienced what it’s like to have your voice taken away for so long, speaking up and standing up for yourself and others takes an incredible amount of courage and energy. But all of the bombardment of injustices against my fellow human beings and the suffering that followed awakened a fiery passion inside of me. I can no longer sit silently and be complicit in emboldening those that cause harm onto others.

The biggest thing I had to learn on my journey of healing and self-empowerment is this:
👉🏼The version of me that shows up for you is entirely up to you. Your intentions. Your character. Your energy.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you become a doormat. Remember that.

Check in on your Asian family members, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Many are feeling a wide range of emotions and your outreach means a lot. Asian cultures are conditioned to stay quiet and “suck it up”, “don’t be a bother”, “don’t make noise”- it’s time to change that. It’s toxic and harmful.

But being born and raised in S Korea until age 14, this was a very real thing that came at a huge cost that took me even more years to reverse and heal from.

I’m continuing to process everything, but wanted to do my part to speak up and stand up for not only myself, but on behalf of all the Asians still working up the courage to do the same. I understand.

Praying for peace, comfort, and healing. It’s time to “make some noise” and feeling empowered to take up space.

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