It's Our 3-Year Anniversary! Giveaways Coming Soon

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Happy New Year!!! You know what else I’m excited about?

Illuminating Stories®️, LLC is 3 years old today!! 

I can honestly say these past three years have been the most challenging yet rewarding years of my life. Up until 4 years ago, I was just minding my own business as a compliance and risk management executive in the mortgage lending industry. I was experiencing some devastating losses and mysterious illnesses for 5 consecutive years and I could no longer cope the way I used to. Out of nowhere, I experienced the craziest shamanic calling/awakening experience and it shocked me to my core. I’ve never even been to a psychic prior to that so I had to look up what a shaman was! Being intimidated, shocked, and confused was an understatement.

This path has humbled me in so many ways and required a lot of sacrifices. But I stand today with my heart exploding with gratitude because God and the spirit world gave me the biggest gift- ability to finally heal myself, and to empower and teach others to do the same. Healing is a deeply spiritual experience that logic and intellect alone cannot accomplish. You must connect with your heart and your spirit at an energetic level to release and receive the gifts and higher perspectives of those traumatic experiences. This ability is innate in all of us, and when you learn it once, it will support you in navigating any life challenges with more ease.

When I thought I was being punished when all aspects of my old life crumbled, they gifted me with wisdom and insights to truly learn how to embody self-love, self-respect, and self-worth. Understanding these concepts intellectually is not the same as actually learning how to embody them. Without these experiences, I would not be standing here today utterly transformed in ways I didn’t think was possible.

I’ve always been shy about posting about my services, offerings, and even testimonials because I never felt good enough. And in many ways, the transition was such a huge deviation from my prior life that the stigma I felt from a few old connections made me feel less than. Starting over in a path less traveled reveals an unfortunate truth sometimes. I’ve accepted that as their truth, but I will stand tall and proud in mine.  Overall, I feel very fortunate to have the love and support from people that truly care about me and the purpose behind my new path.

I’d like to celebrate the gifts this beautiful and miraculous path has brought me, and I want to share what I learned around healing, self-healing, and heart-centered empowerment. I want to share more of the spirit world so more people can learn how to heal themselves.

The gift of healing is within all of us bc it is God/Source/Spirit's gift to humanity.

To celebrate this huge milestone, I’ll be doing giveaways for free sessions and discount off my healing packages!  Details will be announced on my Instagram on 1/3/2023 so be sure to follow me there to learn more!

May 2023 bring you infinite blessings and opportunities to level up in all areas of your lives.  I could not continue to be of service if it isn't for my amazing clients and supporters like you.  Thank you for your continued love and support.

Cheers 🥳! 

-Anna Segura


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