Life Update- We Moved!

The past three months has truly been a blur.  The way things fall into place even in the most challenging circumstances is truly incredible.  We knew at the end of 2019 that it was time for us to relocate back to TX from Maryland.  That message came through pretty clearly on a number of occasions, but given it's only been two years since we moved to Maryland, the idea of going through the relocation process again was really overwhelming.  

And in a way, I felt so conflicted with the idea of leaving Annapolis- it was beautiful, scenic, and it's where I was awakened and finally received the healing I desperately needed.  But with both of our families being in TX, we missed being around our family and friends dearly, and it's where the spirit world wanted us to be.  So we had initially started the process of exploring our options with selling our home, and even had an appointment scheduled to work with the realtor who sold us our dream home just two years prior.

Then the early phase of COVID-19 hit in March.  I fell ill with fever and chills just two days before the appointment, and I started questioning whether I was mistaken about all the signs pointing to the relo.  After the appointment fell through, I recovered almost immediately.  I took that as a sign to just sit tight, and I continued to cherish every moment still fully sensing that our days in Annapolis were limited.

Few weeks later, at this point with COVD-19 in full swing, the agent recommended that we hold off until things settle down a bit.  I was relieved, all the while my husband growing increasingly impatient.  I thought it was utterly crazy to even consider listing our home for sale, having dozens of people coming through for showings, appraisals, inspections, movers, etc.  And wouldn't we have to drive in two separate cars for 4 days on the road to TX with 3 large dogs and my mother even if we sold it pretty easily by some miracle?  Were there even any hotels and accommodations available during the shutdown?

It all seemed just impossible, and my husband and I were at a standstill with so much tension growing between us over this.  I thought I got it all wrong, and I wasn't about to risk all of our health, especially my mother's.  I was confused, frustrated, and felt stuck in a limbo not knowing what the next few weeks and months had in store for us.  All I knew was this sense that the spirit world wanted us back in TX, just had no idea how or where, and how we would even manage given my newly transitioned path.

Fast forward three months to now, I learned (once again) to never underestimate the will of the spirit world.  No matter how impossible things seem and no matter how stubborn I can get, they always find a way to guide and support us through the whole process, once step at a time.  

I will share how things unfolded in my next YouTube video coming up next week- really looking forward to being back into the swing of things and start posting more regularly on my blog, instagram/facebook, and youtube.

But for now, we've managed to relocate safely into our new casa in San Antonio and will be taking appointments through my website officially on 8/1!  I cannot thank my clients enough for their patience through it all, and for waiting so long to work with me again.  Next week is mostly reserved for clients on my waitlist, but feel free to book online for August, or simply reach out to me via phone or email if that works better for you.

All appointments will remain virtual through video conferencing or phone, and can't wait to connect with you again very soon.

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

With love & gratitude,




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