Mother Earth’s Prayers


I realized I haven’t made a blog post in over two months.  I’m going to make a better effort to make unique content on each of my social media platforms regularly, including my blog on this website.  I’ve been the most active on my Instagram and Facebook, and I just launched my YouTube channel last week as well.

With everything going on right now, this instagram graphic posted few weeks back feels appropriate for how things appear.  Just a little reminder during this time:

➡️ All lives matter- learn to coexist in harmony
➡️ What it really means to be alive
➡️ Stop hurting each other and ourselves
➡️ We are all worthy and loved
➡️ No one is above or below another
➡️ Truly “see” your loved ones and yourself
➡️ Connect with your heart, not the mind
➡️ Use this time to heal, rest, and reassess
➡️ Recognize the limits of social construct
➡️ Release scarcity mindset
➡️ We’re all meant to live in abundance
➡️ Shift into Love,Joy, & Peace Consciousness

The lives lost during this pandemic are not victims, but rather heroes and teachers. May the painful losses be transmuted with love, lighting the path to a better world. We are all connected.

Please stay safe and healthy, and look forward to connecting with you weekly going forward ✨.

With deepest love and gratitude,

Anna 💚

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