My Spiritual Night-time Routine

Spiritual Night-time Routine
My spiritual night-time routine ✨.

The focus here is to take advantage of the magical timeframe where we are the most suggestible to connecting with our subconscious mind: ~30 min before bedtime.

This is where I’ll do some reflecting to observe patterns and to reinforce suggestions that serve my highest and greatest good.

It’s also a great time to celebrate milestones, and connect with the spiritual realms and set intentions for Dreamtime.

Getting the subconscious mind in alignment with your spiritual and conscious intentions is probably the longest process in the healing journey.

For this reason, I enjoy self-hypnosis or hypnosis audio from sources I resonate with and have listened to during the day at least once. It’s important to note that I’ve been studying the subconscious mind and hypnosis for the past 15 months and thus have a working knowledge of the procedures and what would work best for me.

It’s always a good idea to seek a professional you trust, and ask to obtain a recording of the session for daily reinforcement especially if you don’t respond to recordings without a formal hypnotic induction to help you be more receptive at the subconscious level. Some people are more suggestible naturally than others, but everyone can benefit tremendously through hypnosis.

It’s very important to ensure the suggestions and intentions are aligned with what you feel requires reinforcement while you are aware and awake. Once I validate resonance, I transition to listening to the recording around bedtime since that helps with suggestibility without the need for formal induction procedures.

Same for affirmations- and I often mix things up between longer affirmation recordings and hypnosis and it’s an enjoyable and powerful routine to have.

Last, I didn’t put it on here since it’s on an as-needed basis, but Epsom salt baths- it works extremely well with removing extra heavy energies or emotions that are more stubborn to release. I highly recommend this and will share a separate meditation practice I use to amplify this effect.

Hope this is helpful ✨

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