Nourish All Four Elements Daily and Turbo Charge Your Life! (New Ascension Energies)

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Spiritual Download

There's some incredible energies geared towards taking a more holistic approach to manifesting your heart's desires.
It emphasizes daily self-care routines that nourishes all four aspects of your state-of-being and bringing them in alignment:
This image and recommendations were downloads I received from the spiritual realms after the last full moon and I've been grounding and implementing their recommendations all month.
Nourish All Aspects of Self DAILY
The spiritual realms shared that it's imperative that we begin to nourish all aspects of our being on a daily basis to fully ground the energetic shifts going on collectively.  They explained that most people on most days focus on one or two aspects of our state of being and let our subconscious mind do the rest.
Manifesting- Old vs. New
Even concepts around law of attraction don't fully focus on nourishing all aspects of our state of being.  That's because that old way of manifesting worked fine under the old energies and it may not work very well going forward.
As we continue to ascend to higher frequencies, we really can't neglect any one of those elements because each one makes us who we are, and the energy we project and attract.
The self-care tips were downloaded from my spirit guides and I've been working throughout the month to implement into some form of a routine that's intuitive and practical.  I experimented quite a bit and worked on being more mindful of which elements I neglected the most.
Implement into Morning & Nighttime Routines
And from there I started to create a daily routine, split into morning and night, that naturally felt supportive and nourishing.  It was kind of hard at first and I did resist a bit, but I started to feel this incredible shift.
After a few days, I was able to come up with tools and a flow that made me actually look forward to doing.  I will be sharing what those routines are and the order I do them shortly.  I'm also working on additional resources and tools to help make this daily practice easier for your to implement.
Why Neglecting Any of the Elements Doesn't Serve You
There's so many facades that makes each of us unique and distinct from one another.  And it's really these four elements that make us whole, and contribute to our state of being at any given moment.  It's what makes up our vibration aka vibe, which determines the energetic frequency we align with.  The higher the frequency, the more we're able to attract and manifest our desires, people, resources, and abundance. 
As an energy healer, I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your energy field clear and continue to work on areas that require healing.  That being said, those improvements assist in bringing clarity and awareness into your conscious mind, but the work doesn't stop there. 
It's really important to find ways to reprogram your subconcious mind and take good care of your physical health, and take inspired actions towards your heart's desires.
Did you know that the subconscious mind controls over 88% of our mind, and it's driven by our life script, experiences and stories that may not be aligned with your desires?  You have to be very intentional about the reprogramming, so your thoughts and self-talk is aligned with the frequency of what you truly want to attract consciously.
The rest is about grounding the energies and inspirations received from the spiritual realms through the self-care activities, and executing towards the goals and desires you've set forth in the conscious part of your mind.
All four elements must work together and come into balance for us to be able to manifest more easily from this point forward.
But don't worry, it may look overwhelming, but with some simply tools, the process is quick and the shifts you feel are so expansive.  I honestly look forward to it each day, and feel so much more nourished and fulfilled in all aspects of my life.
Hope this was helpful, and comment down below if you've been feeling these energies and whether you've had a desire to take care of yourself more holistically lately!
With love,

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