Now Offering: Guided Healing Sessions!

 I am so pleased to announce the launch of Guided Healing Sessions!  I've been wanting to do this forever and so grateful to have the opportunity to begin offering this format for ceremonies and services that are more universal in nature.  The beauty of 1:1 sessions is that there's a great deal of tailoring and energetic tracking to address the unique nature of your needs, but there are ceremonies and offerings that can be more accessible and generalized.

In addition to Shamanic Healing Ceremonies & Rites, I will be adding Guided Reiki Sessions, Shamanic Journeying, Drum Healing, Guided Hypnosis, etc where it makes sense.  Guided sessions are so beautiful and empowering, and an affordable way to address generalized needs and for quick refresh in between sessions. 

All guided sessions come with a download link immediately available upon purchase, both on the purchase confirmation page and automated email sent straight to your inbox.

Meanwhile, please check out the preview of my very first creation, one that I feel is very essential, foundational and universal.  I hope you'll consider trying it out and that you'll enjoy it as much as I did creating it.  

You also have the option of receiving this rite as part of your 60-min Shamanic Healing session which gives us a chance to connect before and after the protection rite to share experiences and messages.  Existing clients have the option of scheduling this rite as a 30-min standalone service if so desired.

With love & gratitude,




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