Now Offering: Healing Session Packages!

I'm so excited to finally offer healing packages for clients that are looking for a roadmap for their healing journey.
I've been reflecting a lot about my journey and the amazing partnership I've had with my amazing clients since launching Illuminating Stories®.  Even with my own healing journey, the reality is true healing takes work, commitment to yourself, self-compassion, self-love, and trust in the process you've been guided to explore.
As a matter of fact, when I found myself in a space where I felt so desperate to finally heal, I invested a lot of my time and resources to prioritize myself for once. I was dealing with complex trauma and inconsolable grief from an onslaught of unrelenting traumatic events in my life for five years leading up to my shamanic calling.  
Through synchronicities I discovered Reiki, and it helped tremendously in moving blockages and stagnant energies, which ultimately led to my unexpected shamanic calling/awakening.  Subsequently, I was guided to seek out shamanic healing sessions to fully heal my past traumas before I started training for the ceremonies I currently offer as a Shaman. I've been on the receiving end of every single ceremony I offer, and can appreciate the various energetic shifts and effects that my clients go through.  
Not only that, but I've experienced additional traumatic life events in the past two years that required me to utilize all the tools in my medicine bag to be able to heal myself and to fully appreciate the various stages of healing as I've come to understand them with greater clarity.
It truly requires learning how to truly connect with yourself- your heart space, shifting into a higher perspective to understand the wisdom of our life stories, doing the inner work, getting back into alignment, bringing our shadows to the light and integrating them, and embodying our highest purpose and self as we navigate our physical reality.
As much as I wish all of us could heal with just one session, the reality is healing requires a lot of growth and inner work over time.  Just like the traumas we've been carrying took years for us to finally say ENOUGH, healing is not an overnight process.  
The good news is, it doesn't have to take years to achieve when there is a roadmap to facilitate ceremonies that are aligned with each phase of the healing process. 
As a matter of fact, clients will feel a difference after one session, and those that remain committed to the process start feeling the energetic shift within 3-4 sessions.  While healing should always be at a pace that feels right for you, I’ve noticed that staying on a consistent schedule of weekly or bi-weekly sessions helps keep the momentum going and builds up in a progressive manner. 
This means in about a month's time, it's possible to feel lighter, brighter, more peaceful, and more empowered than you thought was ever possible. 

Everyone is on their unique journey.  Some may just want to release the pain and trauma so they can get out of survival mode.  For others, especially if they are going through a spiritual awakening, they may want to continue exploring. 
  • How do I feel whole again? 
  • What is my life's purpose?  
  • How do I heal the generational cycles of my ancestral lineage?
  • How do I connect with my inner child to bring healing? 
  • How do I bring light to my shadows? 
  • How do I set boundaries and not feel guilty? 
  • How can I get my subconscious mind to align with my conscious mind so I can stop sabotaging myself?
These are the questions that's come up often in my sessions, and contributed to how different healing packages were curated.
  • Bands of Power Protection Rite
  • Reset Fight/Flight + Illumination Ceremony
  • Cord-Cutting + Illumination Ceremony
  • Ancestral Healing
You will also learn how to open sacred space and receive aftercare instructions to assist you in your own spiritual practice (if applicable). 
Additionally, we have the flexibility to substitute ceremonies to tailor it to your individual needs as necessary.
  • All 4 sessions from the ALIGN package PLUS
  • Soul Retrieval Ceremony
  • Destiny Retrieval Ceremony
We have the flexibility to substitute ceremonies to tailor it to your individual needs as necessary.

    INTEGRATE: 8 Sessions

    • All 6 sessions from the RELEASE & ALIGN packages PLUS
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Shadow Work

    EMBODY: 12 Sessions

    • All 8 sessions from the RELEASE, ALIGN, and INTEGRATE packages PLUS
    • 4 Hypnosis Sessions (Initial 90-minute + 3 follow-up sessions)
    All this being said, please know that we can absolutely accomplish the same progression in your journey through individual sessions if you want to take advantage of my offering-based pricing structure. 
    I'm committed to ensuring my healing services remain accessible, so please use this as a guideline if finances are a factor.  At a minimum, I hope this gives you a better understanding and a roadmap of what you can expect in our sessions and how it will evolve over time.
    And as a reminder, Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy are complementary modalities.  It does not take the place of medical or psychological care provided by a licensed professional. However, as energetic beings, it can enhance and expedite your overall experience in ways traditional modalities alone may not. 
    Additionally, spiritual path is not for everyone.  You must be ready, open, and willing- do not force it if any part of you is hesitant.  Traditional modalities like talk therapy may be a better option for you.  You can also schedule a free 30-min consultation call if you are unsure and need help deciding.  
    Last, I want to close by saying that as practitioners we each have our unique set of tools in our toolbox and is derived from our own healing journey.  If you don't resonate with the progression I've outlined, it's completely okay.  If I’m not the right practitioner for you, continue to have faith and allow your intuition to guide you to the right person, modality, and practice aligned with your unique needs. 
    Divine orchestration and timing are always at play.  All you have to do is honor yourself and your intuition.
    With Love & Gratitude,
    Anna Segura

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