Observe, Adjust, and Prepare

Big things are coming guys, energies are palpable. I rarely talk about these things because I’m naturally cautious and don’t want to make anyone nervous or fearful.  

But the messages and dreams the past few weeks have really intensified and things are really speeding up.  I feel like I should at least mention it- always discern any info you see from others by tuning into your own intuition.

If you are on a path of service, step back and observe your “why” without judgment.

Adjust your intentions as necessary and tune in to what’s really going on around us.

Courageously follow your intuition in how best to be of service during this time.

Balance the “I” with the “We” and start taking action as you feel guided.

And in general, PREPARE as you feel guided. You are empowered through your intuition, so honor any nudges or urges you may feel at this time.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, you’ve been given hints and “drips” of what may lie ahead. Nothing to fear, all is well, and the Archangels are being anchored in various planes of our existence.  Connect with them as you feel guided.

Sending much love and strength, and more to come as I feel guided to share.

With love & gratitude,

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