Shadow Work: Part 1


Shadow work is often triggered after the “love & light” phase of your spiritual awakening journey.

Your shadow qualities are aspects of you that are there to protect you, truly loves you. But without being illuminated by your light, its expressions can be rather harmful.

Disconnecting from the Spirit World

When I was 14, I disconnected from the spirit world to pursue a “normal life”. Through that process, I also lost my ability to feel empathy.

The subsequent 20 years until age 34 was dominated by my shadow qualities that enabled me to compete and partake in society’s “survival of the fittest” mentality.

I achieved everything my heart desired, but I hurt a lot of people in the process. I lost myself.

Waking Up to My Light

At age 34, I got in trouble with the spirit world after experiencing a devastating loss. The loss of my baby. My anguish took my thoughts to very dark places.

It triggered 5 years of unrelenting onslaught of traumatic events that led up to the loss of my father to stage IV lung cancer. He was gone in just 2.5 months.

All of that grief triggered my ability to feel so deeply and I spiraled until my shamanic awakening in 2019.

I finally woke up to my light, and with the gift of healing spirit world brought me, I went from one extreme to another and became a people pleaser with no boundaries.

Shadow Work Phase

16 months later, I was thrusted into the shadow work phase of my journey and my God, that was HARD.

It felt like death and rebirth in the most literal sense over a 2.5-year period. I've shedded everything and everyone I once valued. It felt devastating.

Achieving Balance

And now, I’ve finally achieved balance.

Once your shadows are illuminated and integrated with your inner light, you truly start embodying your authentic, empowered self.

Additional Resources

I’ll walk you through the phases in an upcoming post, the way spirit world taught me through my own personal experiences.

Shadow work phase for me has been hands down the most transformative phase of my life.

If you’re in the thick of it, hang in there. It’s worth the amount of work it takes to get through it 🙏🏼.



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