Success vs. Impact - How Healing Shifts the Paradigm


For a truly healed person, life is no longer about being successful.  It's about being impactful.  Let me explain.

I've learned on my path as a Shaman that healed people, HEAL people.  Once the weight of your own suffering is lifted, you become acutely aware of the suffering of those around you.

The reality is, most people in this world experience some degree of suffering in their day-to-day lives.  Some form of traumatic life experiences are inherent in our human reality.  

A lack of empathy for many people is often due to societal conditioning since childhood that emotions make you weak.  As a result, we learn to suppress our emotions- our ability to feel.  It's what enables people to compete with one another, put another down in order to elevate themselves, chase after the notion of "success" for a sense of superiority and validation.  Survival of the fittest mentality.   

There's a host of other harmful impacts resulting from a lack of empathy, and as a collective, something we need to truly reevaluate.   

In the context of today's post, lack of empathy and suppressed emotions also serve as a roadblock in our ability to heal.  We often don't even realize the need for healing as we cope and go about our day-to-day lives.  And even if we do, often end up feeling at a loss or worse, embarrassed thinking something is wrong with us.

Then one day, a catalyst life event happens where none of your coping mechanism can suppress what and how you feel.  You no longer feel like healing is a nice-to-have, it's the only way to SURVIVE.  This happened to me.

If you didn't have empathy before, you will now.  That's because to truly heal, you need to fully FEEL

You start exploring traditional modalities like talk therapy, and may even feel guided to explore spirituality and energy healing modalities.  The key is to find what works for you, and recognizing it may evolve over time as you move through the different stages of healing.

While healing is never linear, it IS progressive.  And as you continue to heal and progress, you begin to realize that the notion of success is merely to fill a void inside of you.  For not feeling enough or worthy unless you have a certain title, achieve XYZ, or make X amount of money, etc. 

You learn through all of your inner work that you are INHERENTLY enough, just for being you.  No amount of outside validation can outweigh the love you have for yourself now.  To experience self-compassion and a sense of peace.  Realizing that no amount of money or material possessions can buy peace, self-love, and self-respect.

Once you get to this place of spiritual abundance, it no longer becomes solely about you because you feel whole as you are.  This state-of-being inspires and ignites a passion within you to pursue endeavors that are IMPACTFUL to the well-being of others AND yourself.

It's through this pursuit of making a difference no longer motivated by money or material wealth, where your innate gifts will emerge, shine, and fulfill you in all the ways you yearned for but couldn't fathom.

Being IMPACTFUL leads you beyond the illusion of success.  It becomes a LEGACY that lives far beyond your life here on earth.  

What about you?  Have you experienced this shift as part of your healing journey?

Until next time,

Anna Segura

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