That Awkward Space between No Longer and Not Yet...


Text stating "That awkward space between No Longer and Not Yet, is a Gift from Spirit."

Anyone else feeling like we're in this weird purgatory-like space these days? In addition to the wild energies going on, all of the non-stop disturbing external events has been difficult to process. The sense of helplessness so taxing emotionally, and found myself questioning everything about our existence and our earthly realities.

I asked for guidance from the spiritual realms few weeks ago because I felt this noticeable energetic slow-down in some areas and increased activities in the unseen realms.

This sense of calm before the storm made me realize there's so much more to come, and the service work we've been doing may only be the tip of the iceberg. No longer who we were, but not yet who we are meant to be.

Spirit's message, as captured on this post, was actually very unexpected. I sat with it first to process, and finally felt guided to share with you.

Upon reflection, I realized that all of my go-to excuses and perceived obstacles have been artfully removed.

I had no more excuses. That this awkward space between No Longer and Not Yet, is creating the space we need to nurture our BECOMING and preparation for whatever lies ahead.

And it all clicked. It was a beautiful reminder that underneath every perceived challenge is a gift.

It requires us to surrender to perceive it.

So if you've been feeling this way, work with that forward-moving energy ( I know, ironic) to become the best version of yourself by releasing all self-limiting beliefs.

Observe what excuses have been standing in your way and start chipping away at it.

For you, and for all of us collectively.

I'm right there with you. I know we got this, because we have each other in this small but mighty sacred community.

Sending extra love to you and yours.

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