The Creators- A Must Read!

This book 📖 has left such a strong impression on me, had to share. I’ve been following Talia @gratitude1st for a while now and have always been so inspired by her drive, creativity, beautiful energy of her content, and messages.

When she first announced this book few months ago in May, I thought the concept was unique and genuinely wanted to support her by purchasing a copy.

I thought it would be a light-hearted and inspiring book based on the preview narrative, but it seriously turned out to be so much more.

The first few pages literally gripped me with all kinds of emotions I didn’t expect, with powerful lessons and teachings that really made me think and feel.

She was able to accomplish something so rare in a fictional book- and it became crystal clear that this book was channeled with messages directly from Spirit with strong resonance at the energetic level.

Talia illustrated the concept of connectedness- of oneness, so powerfully and in such engaging way through so many seemingly unrelated events with unexpected twists and turns, beautifully pulled together in such a touching and gratifying way in the end.

This book serves as an important reminder that we are all creators of our own reality, and our thoughts and actions not only affect our own lives, but each other’s.

I’ve read a ton of books on spirituality and teachings, but hers is the first one where light codes were encoded directly through her words, and energetically released to those meant to receive them.

Powerful messages and dreams ensued after reading in one sitting, and I’m so grateful to have come across her work.

I look forward to seeing more books from her, and I hope you’ll check it out when you get a chance. I purchased mine through Amazon and was able to easily search for it.

This review is so long overdue, but one I definitely wanted to share with those this post is meant to reach.

Are there books that have left such a lasting impression on you? I’d love to hear and check it out- comment down below 📝!

Sending you extra love, light, and positivity 🙏🏼💚✨.

With love & gratitude,




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