The Truth About Self-Love...

When we learn to love ourselves, everything outside of us becomes extra, not a prerequisite. Let me explain.

Six months ago I told the spirit world that even if I die today and accomplish nothing else, I’m not afraid bc I feel fulfilled. I’ve never felt such peace, love, and joy- that alone felt like such a huge accomplishment. I finally understood why I had to endure the past 8.5 years. It was that moment. Not a destination. I’ll never view life the same.

It turns out everything we need to feel worthy and loved has been within us all along. Our ability to truly love ourselves is one of the biggest gifts in life.

Yet it can feel so elusive when we are given so many reasons to be so self-critical. Reasons given to us by those outside of us.

Sometimes we have to release everything and everyone to see ourselves the way God meant for us. Not how others wanted you to see yourself, because not everyone’s intentions are pure. Some people elevate themselves by making others feel small. An unfortunate truth and reality of life.

There’s an inner flame within you that truly understands you are worthy. That you deserve to feel loved, happy, and at peace just as you are.

When you stop chasing everything and everyone outside of you and tune into that energy within you, you’ll realize you already have all that is required to feel peaceful, joyful, and loved. Not after “when I make more money”, “get that promotion”, “when I meet my soulmate”, “when I look like…”, etc.


You’ll be surprised at how little we require to shift into this state-of-being bc it’s God’s gift to all of us.

Once you internalize this truth, you experience freedom. You finally break free. You experience love on a whole another level.

This is what enabled me to come back to social media and start sharing again. Energy vortices that exists on these platforms cannot affect you when you are fully grounded in who you are ✨.

May this truth set you free 🦅.


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