Who Are You Without Labels, Titles, and Material Possessions?


Three months after being called on this path, I woke up with what felt like amnesia and this intense sadness. I cried for hours repeating “I don’t know who I am!”

I had just woken up from a dream with this question from the spirit world:

“30,000 years.  Who are you without any labels, titles, and material possessions?

It all felt so disorienting and sheer panic set in.  I sat there just processing.

This intense grief took over as I realized I didn’t know who I was after leaving behind my corporate career.  A career I’ve built for 16+ years.  My last wish fulfilled.

Little did I know, the spirit world was about to show me over the course of the next three years, exactly what I was meant to learn. 

Giving up my career was only the beginning. I was naive to think otherwise.


They were always up-front about what was to take place.  The more I resisted, the more intense things got.  My life was no longer within my control- a realization I sensed five years before my calling as I experienced an onslaught of traumatic life events.  Solidified in this moment.  My 20-year break from the spirit world was over.

Everything felt so surreal, witnessing each one of their “heads up” orchestrated into my reality.  There were days I begged them to just take me, because I didn’t feel like I had what it took to make it. Felt like a cruel punishment, engulfed in darkness with no end in sight. 

And here I am… three and a half years later… lost all that once defined me.  Just like they said I would.


The past year away from social media was so necessary.  I went through perhaps the most difficult chapter out of all my losses.  It was so personal, so painful.  I even took extended time off from my healing practice to process the events.  To integrate the learnings.  

This path has truly humbled me.  And I’m grateful for their tough love.  Spiritual abundance cannot be bought, only gifted through inner work and getting into alignment. 


For the first time in my life, I feel WORTHY and at PEACE.  And I feel FREE

I finally understand what it means to love myself.  Respect myself.  To feel worthy as I am. 

Not defined by any labels, titles, or material possessions.  By getting to know myself at the soul level.


Rebuilding from what feels like rock bottom is so TRANSFORMATIVE when the building blocks are in full alignment with who you truly are

I may not be fully in control of my life as before my calling, but I am NOT powerless.  

And neither are you.

I’m simply getting to know my own authority and reclaiming my power from a place of energetic alignment and co-creation. 

Healing, feeling whole, fulfilled, and at peace cannot be found in the level of the mind, material things, or labels.

It’s deeply spiritual.  It's soul-level work.  It requires you to connect with your soul first.

We’re all going through a powerful transformation at this time collectively. 

Let’s rebuild and rise together in FULL ALIGNMENT.  Answer the call.


With love,


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