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"Our Thoughts Feed our Soul, so Please Choose Wisely."

I posted this on my Instagram almost 3 months ago, and felt like this would be a good post to share here on my blog.  Our thoughts, emotions, and the words we choose also affect our “vibe” aka vibration and frequency we project outwards, attracting the experiences in our reality that validates our subconscious belief system. Affirmations like “I AM” can therefore have a powerful impact on shifting your reality in the direction you actually want. Even if you don’t quite feel like it, stick with it and witness the changes that will start to take place.

Remember, your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. The key is to transcend the need for external validation- and it all starts with how you treat yourself. So be kind, be gentle, and be loving- with all aspects of who you are 💚🙏🏼.

In some cases, deep rooted self-sabotaging beliefs can stem from trauma or abuse and become imprints in your luminous energy field (aka auric fields). In those cases, energy healing can be a great option in removing imprints that aren’t serving you, and bring your energy field back in balance in an empowered state of being.

Our world is full of things we can’t see with our physical eyes, yet we’ve discovered and accepted them into our day-to-day lives (i.e. electricity, EMF, and ahem, VIRUSES). Our own energy field works similarly, but most of us aren’t conscious of them and how it can help improve our lives with the right tools and resources.

To learn more about the basics of energy and how energy healing works, click here “What is Energy Healing?” or via the middle of my main homepage.

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