How Reiki Changed My Life

My first experience with Reiki happened spontaneously.  I was at a point in my life where I desperately wanted to heal and traditional methods of dealing with grief didn’t work for me.  It all started when an Empath coach started following me on Instagram.  Had no idea what that was so I started researching and I was blown away that there were others like me!  That I wasn’t alone, and everything about me started to make more sense.  From there, my sister suggested I try out Reiki, and it completely changed the trajectory of my life.

I didn’t know what to expect as I knew so little about the world of energy healing, but my heart reassured me that this was the right step for me.  I had years of repressed emotions and energies I had been absorbing from others that needed to be released.  I had to trust and go with it, and I am eternally grateful that I did.

In my first session, the first thing I was grateful for was to be with someone that was so kind and compassionate. It was so refreshing to be in a safe space without judgement where I could just... be myself.  Once the consultation portion was over, the reiki portion of the session was so incredible.  I was amazed at how I was able to feel the energy moving through my body.

At the time, my head was so congested with thoughts that I haven’t been able to relax or sleep in years.  I also felt like my suppressed spiritual gifts were wanting to become unblocked but didn’t know how.  I’ve been sensing an increase in urgency from the other side regarding the messages I needed to hear, and it was frustrating.  As she moved through my head area, I felt the most amazing sensation of peace and quiet, and lightness I have never experienced before.  The fullness of my head had dissipated, all the thoughts and chatter I couldn’t comprehend completely dissipated- it was so... incredible!

By the end of the session, I had reached a state of relaxation that made me smile in deep gratitude, and I slept like a baby for days.

By the third session most of my energy centers, or chakras, became unblocked, and I felt this weird sensation in my throat chakra and ears.  That night, I experienced the most profound shamanic awakening and discovered my life’s purpose.  And that’s how I was able to reconnect with my innate spiritual gifts and my journey to becoming a shaman began.  From there, I was led down a path of self-discovery, and learned of the lineage of shamans and healers in my ancestral history which was an unexpected surprise.

Reiki will always have a special place in my heart, and I  can’t wait for more people to discover it.  Reiki’s energy is always delivered for the individual’s highest and greatest good, and that will be different for each person and what will serve them the most in that point in time. 

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Until next time, Shine on 🌟


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